Student Ambassadors

Champlain College Student Ambassadors

Shared Vision

As members of the Student Ambassador team, we contribute to our community by encouraging each other to explore our passions and challenge ourselves. Through positive communication with visitors and prospective students, we adapt to create new opportunities for professional and personal development. We strive to represent our college as best as possible and educate our peers and guests on what makes Champlain unique, both as an institution and as a home.

We'd love to take you on tour of our beautiful campus and, since all of us are sophomores, juniors, and seniors at Champlain, we can answer any questions you may have about living on campus, academics, Burlington or anything else regarding life as a student here. If you aren't able to visit campus, or if you have any questions you'd like to ask us as current students, feel free to email us at and one of us will be sure to get back to you soon! To schedule a campus visit click here.

Meet the Ambassadors

Bekemeh Airewele

Bekemeh Airewele '19

Major: Business Administration
Hometown: Lynn, MA


Tara Alexander '18

Major: Marketing
Specialization: Social Entrepreneurship
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Other Campus Involvements: Peer Advisor, President of Shades of Me, Diversity Advisor to the SGA, Communication Marketing Assistant at the Leahy Center for Digital Investigation
Why I Chose Champlain: I chose Champlain because I am driven; I knew for a long time what career field I wanted to work in and I needed a college that would help me get there, starting in my first year. Champlain has and continues to offer me opportunities beyond what I can think of. I also needed a college that was small enough for me to navigate and build a strong community. I am able to do both of these things at Champlain and I love having this access at my disposal.


Peter Breitwieser '18

Major: Accounting
Minor: Data Analytics
Hometown: Chelmsford, MA
Other Campus Involvements: Los Dormant Volcanos
Why I Chose Champlain: I chose Champlain for the upside-down curriculum. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my future or the motivation to do it in high school. Champlain was a way to test out different majors and quickly become excited about my studies and career. Also the view!


Charlie Carucci '18

Major: Game Design
Specialization: Sonic Arts
Hometown: Stamford, CT
Other Campus Involvements: CCM Senator for the Student Government Association (SGA)
Why I Chose Champlain: Besides having one of the best Game Design programs in the country, Champlain also has a really close-knit community that made me feel right at home.


Megan Charles '18

Major: Graphic Design & Digital Media
Minor: Marketing
Hometown: Marcellus, NY
Other Campus Involvements: President of the AIGA Student Group, volunteer at All Breed Shelter
Why I Chose Champlain: The incredible faculty at Champlain. From the moment that I first visited campus, I've felt valued by every faculty member that I've met.


Amanda Collins '18

Major: Graphic Design & Digital Media 
Hometown: Auburn, MA
Why I Chose Champlain: I knew that I wanted to put all my energy into becoming a graphic designer and with Champlain's design courses I would be getting the best education I could. Also, Champlain embraces everyone's unique self, which allows me to feel comfortable being who I am.


Dominique Cornacchia '18

Major: Broadcast Media Production
Hometown: Essex Junction, VT
Why I Chose Champlain: The classes that I'm taking focus on what I want to learn, and the community is so supportive and friendly!


Brian Denzak '18

Major: Management of Creative Media
Specialization: Broadcast and Streaming Media
Hometown: Syracuse, NY
Other Campus Involvements: Peer Advisor and member of the Quidditch Team
Why I Chose Champlain: One of the many reasons I chose Champlain was my major. My major is very unique and exactly what I wanted. I could not find anything close to my program at any of the many schools I looked at.


Stephanie Doan '18

Major: Psychology
Minor: Business Administration
Hometown: Dorchester, MA
Other Campus Involvements: I am a second-year Resident Assistant. I am also a mentor for first-year students and plan events among other tasks at the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.
Why I Chose Champlain: I loved the small school nestled in the small city. The community is so welcoming, and I couldn't imagine a better home for four years.


Meghan Donovan '20

Major: Computer Information Technology
Minor: Cybersecurity
Hometown: Derry, NH
Other Campus Involvements: CHAMP
Why I Chose Champlain: The unique community at Champlain made me feel at home as soon as I set foot on campus for the first time. Everyone on campus is passionate about what they are studying and thoroughly enjoys being a part of the tight-knit community Champlain offers. Not only that, but who doesn't love Burlington?


Matthew Fortier '18

Major: Computer Science and Innovation
Minor: Mathematics
Specialization: Software Engineering
Hometown: Kennebunk, ME
Other Campus Involvements: Software Developer at the Leahy Center for Digital Investigation, Resident Assistant
Why I Chose Champlain: Champlain's approach to general education along with major classes in my first semester was the biggest selling point for me.


Dylan Francis '19

Major: Computer Networking and Cybersecurity
Minor: Computer & Digital Forensics
Specialization: Cybersecurity
Hometown: Buxton, ME
Other Campus Involvements: Research Assistant at the Leahy Center for Digital Investigation, Resident Assistant
Why I Chose Champlain: I chose Champlain for the upside-down curriculum. I loved that I could get a start on my major in my first year at Champlain. And have the opportunity to work at the Leahy Center was a huge selling point. Then stepping on this campus I knew I could make it my home away from home.


Quinn Kanner '19

Major: Professional Writing
Minor: Foreign Language
Specialization: Journalism
Hometown: Rockledge, FL
Other Campus Involvements: I’m on the dance team and write for The Crossover, Chivomengro and the Marketing department.
Why I Chose Champlain: I was drawn to how unique and career-focused the Professional Writing major is, and how passionate and driven all the students are.


Emma Katz '19

Major: Marketing
Minor: Communication
Hometown: Brunswick, ME
Other Campus Involvements: Resident Assistant and Ski & Ride club
Why I Chose Champlain: From the moment I got to campus I was in love with the aesthetics of the old buildings mixed with new renovations and the local Burlington community. I loved the idea of small classes and getting involved in my major in my first year with the upside-down curriculum. Also, Champlain is so close to the mountains!


James Keats '18

Major: Game Programming
Hometown: Westfield, MA
Other Campus Involvements: I'm one of the hosts of The Grind, our on-campus open mic night. I also work as a programmer at the Emergent Media Center.
Why I Chose Champlain: The wide variety of people here! I looked at a lot of tech schools, and Champlain was the only place I found where I could be a tech major and have friends in education, filmmaking, accounting and more!


Jared Knepper '19

Major: Management & Innovation
Hometown: Chambersburg, PA
Other Campus Involvements: Director of Communications for the SGA, Programming Vice President for CHAMP, Orientation Leader, Dept. of Strategic Communications
Why I Chose Champlain: The community is innovative, passionate, personal, vibrant, supportive and more attractive each day.


Zynab Makki '19

Major: Computer Networking & Cybersecurity
Minor: Managing Information Systems
Specialization: Network Administration
Hometown: New Paltz, NY
Other Campus Involvements: Champlain College eSports (CCE), Champlayers Drama Club
Why I Chose Champlain: Champlain's Core Curriculum aligns well with my belief that everything is interconnected. We don't spend time talking about specific topics; instead, we have a topic and talk about it from various perspectives.


Jessy Moyer '19

Major: Communication
Minor: Public Relations
Hometown: Reading, PA
Other Campus Involvements: Photo Editor and Writer at Chivomengro, Member of Maple Street Media PR Firm
Why I Chose Champlain: There is an endless amount of opportunities this school has to offer. In a smaller community like Champlain, everyone is able to quickly and comfortably find their niche, and it is easy to thrive in that sort of environment. Also, Burlington is very nature-oriented, and I love the outdoors!


Haley Parent '18

Major: Environmental Policy
Specialization: Law
Hometown: Loudon, NH
Other Campus Involvements: Student Government Association Senator, Sustain Champlain, National Society of Leadership and Success, Champlain Crossover
Why I Chose Champlain: I chose Champlain because as soon as I visited Burlington and our campus I immediately saw myself in this community, getting involved in my major day 1. As a junior, I can now say I know I made the right decision, and I wouldn’t trade my educational and internship experiences in for any other institution. Champlain has brought me not only an amazing community of like-minded friends, but a comfortable and lively place that I love and can easily call home!


Laura Reilly '18

Major: Game Programming
Minor: Mathematics
Hometown: Schenectady, NY
Other Campus Involvements: Open Source Technology club
Why I Chose Champlain: It's one of the very few places where you can actually major in game programming (the area's nice too, I guess).


Anthony Rivers '18

Major: Psychology
Hometown: Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands


Jonathan Trusheim '19

Major: Game Programming
Minor: Math
Hometown: Acton, MA
Other Campus Involvements: Anime club, gaming club
Why I Chose Champlain: I choose Champlain because I loved the upside down curriculum and the Game Studio.


Conor Tully '19

Major: Game Design
Hometown: Southlake, TX
Other Campus Involvements: Orientation Leader, Ski & Ride, SmashChamps, Vermont Smash
Why I Chose Champlain: Champlain's Game Design program is extremely different from other colleges. Starting with my first class, I was already working with other majors like Game Art, Game Programming, and Game Management, just like how the actual game industry works. The professors all have backgrounds in the game industry, and they all want me to succeed and find a job that I really want to do!


Jade Ye '18

Major: Public Relations
Specialization: Event Management
Hometown: Branford, CT
Other Campus Involvements: President of Public Relations Student Society of America, Editor-in-Chief of the Champlain Crossover
Why I Chose Champlain: I chose Champlain because I wanted to be able to get into my field right away, and the internship and study abroad opportunities were a huge draw for me!


Kathryn Young '18

Major: Law
Minor: Digital Forensics
Hometown: South Burlington, VT
Other Campus Involvements: Ambassador for the Women's and Gender Center, Legal Research Analyst for the Leahy Center of Digital Investigation
Why I Chose Champlain: My mother has taught here as a professor for 16 years. I practically grew up on this campus, so Champlain is close to my heart in many ways. However, what drew me in as a student was the undergraduate Law program. There isn't anything else like it in the country, and I knew the upside-down curriculum that Champlain implements into its programs of study would help me succeed in my education.