Game Production Management Resources

The Bachelor of Science in Game Production Management is for business-minded students whose passion leads them to the creative fields. This major will give you the specific skills you need to break in and succeed in some of the hottest, most competitive career fields in business-film management, publishing management, video game production management, and other media management areas.

Preparing a Resume:

     Resume Fundamentals
     Resume Sample 1
     Resume Sample 2
     Resume Sample 3
     Resume Power Words
     Resume Action Verbs

Preparing a Cover Letter:

     Cover Letter Fundamentals
     Sample Cover Letter 1*
     Sample Cover Letter 2*
     Cover Letter Tutorial
     Cover Letter Checklist

Preparing for an Interview:

     Interview Fundamentals
     Sample Interview Questions*
     Advanced Interview Skills

Conducting a Job Search:

     Handshake & CareerShift Instructions
     Career Fair Success
     Popular Links and Industry Overview

Professional Development:

     Networking Fundamentals
     Graduate School Advising

Additional Topics:

     Social Media and Your Career
     Tips for Working a Room
     4-Year Career Management Timeline
     What Can I Do With This Major?
     Content For All Degree Programs

     * Coming Soon