Graphic Design & Visual Communication Resources

Take a good look around you: design is everywhere! Every poster, magazine ad, logo, web site, or product image began as a creative spark in the mind of a professional graphic designer. Beginning with a great idea, today's designer brings to life their ideas by creating digital artwork for reproduction in a diverse range of media.

Preparing a Resume:

     Resume Fundamentals
     Resume Sample Level 1
     Resume Sample Level 2
     Resume Sample Level 3
     Resume Power Words
     Resume Action Verbs

Preparing a Cover Letter:

     Cover Letter Fundamentals
     Sample Cover Letter 1
     Sample Cover Letter 2*

     Cover Letter Checklist

Preparing for an Interview:

     Interview Fundamentals
     Sample Interview Questions
     Advanced Interview Skills

Conducting a Job Search:

     Job/Internship Search Fundamentals
     Handshake & CareerShift Instructions

     Popular Links & Industry Overview

Professional Development:

     Networking Fundamentals
     Graduate School Advising

General Resources:

     Social Media and Your Career
     What Can I Do With This Major?
     Career Development Videos
     Content For All Degree Programs

     * Coming Soon