Professional Writing Resources

With a degree in professional writing, there's no limit to the places you can go-from graduate school to doing what you love at newspapers, magazines, and publishing houses. Past graduates are teaching English, writing for magazines in Southeast Asia, working at Rolling Stone, writing about wine, organizing poetry readings in San Francisco, editing online magazines, and engaged with the written word in countless other ways.

Preparing a Resume:

     Resume Fundamentals
     Resume Sample 1
     Resume Sample 2
     Resume Power Words
    Resume Action Verbs

    Preparing a Cover Letter:

          Cover Letter Fundamentals
          Sample Cover Letter 1
          Sample Cover Letter 2

          Cover Letter Checklist

Preparing for an Interview:

     Interview Fundamentals
     Sample Interview Questions
     Advanced Interview Skills

    Conducting a Job Search:

          Handshake & CareerShift Instructions
          Popular Links & Industry Overview

Professional Development:

     Networking Fundamentals
     Graduate School Advising

    General Resources:

          Social Media and Your Career
          What Can I Do With This Major?
          Career Development Videos
          Content For All Degree Programs