Employee Shout-Outs

A simple gesture can brighten up someone's day. Giving a shout-out is a great way to recognize your peers for their work, talent, and living our institutional values, and to contribute to a culture of appreciation, community, and kindness.

Shout-outs will be updated regularly as they come in. Send in your own shout-out!

May Shout-Outs

  • Champ Support Team: The Champ Support team has been invaluable during remote teaching. They truly go above and beyond in proving helpful advice for adjuncts like myself who work with personal equipment, and they always are upbeat and solution-focused even situations are frustrating. I would like to particularly thank Patrick Mack, CJ Gardner, and JJ (whose last name I unfortunately do not know) for their help over the past few months, but the whole team deserves recognition. Our campus truly would not function without them.
  • Sarah Camille Wilson and Library Staff: The assistance of the library staff in general and Sarah in particular has been invaluable during remote teaching.
  • Jackie Greer, Julie Eldred, and Stephanie Meunier: These three ladies deserve big thanks for quickly resolving an urgent payroll problem.
  • Erin Ferrara: Thank you for being so responsive to student needs, and showing students compassion while helping them advocate for themselves.
  • Laurel Bongiorno, Tanja Hinterstoisser, Lisa Mazzariello, Kim Quinn, Susan Waryck, their teams, and Advancement: A huge shout out to all of the people who have been amazing partners throughout the entire academic year in putting together Bringing Campus Home: The Champlain Family Virtual Engagement Series. This was Champlain's answer to Family Weekend which we couldn't have due to COVID, and instead we held over 80 virtual events and had over 300 families in attendance in a year-long engagement effort. We have heard wonderful feedback from our families about feeling engaged and connected to Champlain. This would not have been possible without all of these people to help. THANK YOU!
  • All the Lemonade Stand Volunteers: Shout out to all the volunteers who dedicated an hour (or 10, 20, 30 or more!) of their time this year; who brought candy, bouncy balls, stickers, funny erasers, good cheer, and an empathetic ear to students in need, THANK YOU! You are what makes this community so great! And a special thank you to the Sodexo team, who kept us well stocked with lemon-flavored drinks.
  • Megan Spiezio-Davis: Thank you, Megan, for always advocating for adjunct faculty. You rock!
  • Amy Eastman: Always ready to help students and faculty with registration.
  • Albert Orbinati: Thank you for being such a responsive and reliable colleague. You quickly learned and adapted a new project management software to support course development projects and are always so quick to provide feedback and support to make sure our courses are high quality and well-developed.

April Shout-Outs

  • Adam Walker: Adam did an amazing job (with his team of student workers) creating the video for the College's annual student employee recognition event. He even swooped in to make a last minute change, late at night! Adam, you always go above and beyond and you are so appreciated!
  • Faith Yacubian: Congratulations to Dr. Faith Yacubian for receiving UVM's Outstanding Dissertation Award in Educational Leadership. This award is given to a graduate whose dissertation "significantly advances new ideas and contributes to the knowledge and understanding of theories and practices in the field of Educational Leadership. And, a student who "exhibits a keen understanding of social justice issues and whose research contributes to the College of Education and Social Services' doctoral programs mission of preparing leaders who will contribute to creating more equitable and just schools and institutions of higher learning." Faith credits many for support and engagement in the development of this dissertation, and expresses gratitude to everyone. Faith is especially grateful to students of color at Champlain whose analyses of racism in the classroom were foundational to the dissertation.
  • Conor O'Brien: Conor is the best! He recently helped me with a last minute grounds project at a time that I know his team was scrambling with spring cleanup and graduation. We're so fortunate to have such an amazing physical plant team that go out of their way to make things happen for Champlain. Thank you Conor.
  • Lyle King: Big props to Lyle and his team for all they do to make our virtual events, particularly our Division honors event, special. They are the true "zoom wizards" behind the curtain. Grateful for all you do.
  • Tarn Foerg and Faith Yacubian: Faith and Tarn are such supportive colleagues. I'm so grateful, over and over again, for their kind and thoughtful help.
  • Kimberly Quinn: Shout out to Kim for always taking such good, nurturing care of us all.
  • Kellie Nadeau: I want to send a shout out to Kellie for being such a consistently helpful colleague, always willing to jump in and help with anything that needs to be done to keep the college running smoothly. She has pitched in and helped me on numerous occasions. From dealing with classroom issues to soothing very angry parents to being an integral force behind our commencement celebrations, Kellie is a true unsung Champlain hero. Thank you for everything you do, Kellie!
  • Lisa Mazzariello: Lisa is amazing. Like so many, she is doing the jobs of multiple people right now. She works unbelievably hard every day on the big stuff and still has time to give to the little things that mean so much to so many. She has a big heart and a stellar attitude. Her commitment to the institution, her colleagues and her students is something to be admired and aspire to.
  • Erica Donnis: Erica's annual local history event, "Maladies and Medicines" was so interesting and engaging! Erica did a great job of moving the event from in person to virtual, and the topic was so fascinating and relevant!
  • Kimberly Quinn: I just love starting my Wednesdays with a reading of The Mindful Times. The way you inspire an intentional appreciation for this life and encourage your colleagues to engage in a meaningful creative application of your wisdom to the day to day has elevated our joy in all this ambiguity. Thank you!
  • Tara Arneson: Tara wears so many hats, and always with such grace. Busy though she is, when I reached out to her recently for help making an informer report more inclusive, she responded immediately and had fixed the issue by the end of the day. She made me feel like I was the only person who needed her help, even though I know that is NOT the case. Thank you Tara!
  • Celia Dehais, Michael Angel, Lisa Bilowith, Madison Braz, Adam Wolinsky, Maggie Farrington: Thanks for everything you do to keep the library open over 100 hours a week for students, staff and faculty. #NLWD21 #NationalLibraryWeek

March Shout-Outs

  • Marita Martin: Thank you for being so wonderful and a pleasure to chat with throughout the hiring and onboarding process! Your positivity and enthusiasm shows through and already has helped Champlain feel like a new home.
  • Steve Smith: No matter the weather, every day you can count on Steve to be there with the mail, and some good conversation!
  • Jean-Marie Severance: On top of her already heavy workload, Jean-Marie's care and tireless advocacy for her colleagues is endless. Thank you for always being there and always being ready to take up and carry the banner, Jean-Marie!
  • Rebecca Schubert: When I see Rebecca's name attached to something or get an email from her it's always worth a careful look, because it is always something good! While I know we share her with the Consortium, I am so grateful that she is working on our behalf to support our well-being by securing and offering one fabulous program after another. I know I am not alone in taking advantage of some of these wonderful opportunities. Thank you, Rebecca, for working so hard on our behalf!!! Your hard work is much appreciated!!!
  • Joe Williams: Shout out to Joe Williams for submitting and winning a multi-million dollar government contract providing over 20,000 hours of paid student work at the Leahy Center.
  • Christina Brooker & Sue Lindberg: The Life is a Beach Party was AWESOME! Thank you so much for hosting a wonderful event to bring our community together and for the delicious drinks and snacks that were served.
  • Sue Lindberg, Christina Brooker, Catherine Cronin: Thank you for all of the hard work you have been doing these past few months helping Physical Plant. Very much appreciated.
  • Ellen Zeman: I am always so happy when I end up in a group with Ellen Zeman. It doesn't happen often enough. I so appreciate her knowledge of Champlain history and tradition, her expertise on pedagogy, her commitment to equity and inclusion, and her ability to combine a no-nonsense approach with a sense of humor.
  • Marita Martin: Marita's compassionate, realistic people focus makes her perfect for the work that she does, and excels at! Thank you for juggling all that you do and still managing to somehow answer email almost as soon as it is sent!
  • Jes Mattera: Jes is always so helpful and so quick when we have questions about links or publisher resources. She works behind the scenes to make sure our students get the right information in the right format and that means a lot!! Thank you, Jes for your friendly, extremely helpful attitude!
  • The "Lemonade" Stand: Shout out to the folks who host the "lemonade" stand for students in IDX. This is a group of faculty and staff who offer their time every week day to provide information and interaction to our students. The positive effects for our students go beyond what we can even imagine. The little things mean a lot.

February Shout-Outs

  • Physical Plant Team: Not only is the team incredibly responsive and on top of issues all over campus, but when it snows they are out there making campus safe for all of us, on top of their regular work! Thank you.
  • Our Incredible Physical Plant Team: Thank you for the wonderful job you do clearing snow and ice every winter so we can safely navigate campus. We appreciate all those early mornings!
  • Sandy Yusen: Sandy manages to keep dozens of (very full) plates in the air, and does so with great grace, remarkable diplomacy and a steady dose of good humor. Much of Sandy's work leading communications and external relations happens behind the scenes and outside of the College-so few have a complete understanding of just how talented, planful and valuable she is. I am one of the lucky ones who gets to work with closely Sandy on projects big and small and I'm so thankful to call her a colleague.
  • Becky Colley: Becky is an amazing colleague and an even more amazing Manager. She trusts her staff to do their jobs, but is always available to talk through projects. She will never micromanage, and values input from everyone on the team. Becky leads with an open mind and her goal is to do the best for CCO and Champlain in general.
  • Beth Dietrich: Beth has brought so much to Champlain in her short time here. She is such a wonderful collaborator and creative thinker. She has organized so many incredible library and campus events, and to top it all off, she's kind and fun to be around.
  • Julie Eldred & Jackie Greer: Shout Out to Jackie Greer and Julie Eldred for completing quarterly testing to keep us operating and aligned with our HRIS, Oracle HCM. It's no easy feat that you get done along with some other unexpected testing needs in the system while ensuring we keep on pace with payroll activities and processing of any faculty, staff, payments. Appreciate all you do behind the scenes to make a complex system simple.
  • Jerome Holland: Jerome has been our Director of Housing and Residential Life for one year, and it has been one challenging year! Jerome, thank you for coming in with a smile, wanting to communicate and share and make our campus a better place. We are happy to be working with you!
  • Stephanie Doan: Stephanie has a never-ending and never-changing passion for student equality. Champlain College staff, faculty and students are so lucky to have such a champion on our campus. Thank you, Stephanie, for always thinking of the student experience and how this can be improved. Thank you for constantly teaching those around you how to be more inclusive, in the most thoughtful and appreciative way. Keep up the excellent work!
  • Silas Farrar: Thank you for always being there to help answer all my questions and for assisting with my many, many, many Oracle needs! You're always super quick to respond and you just get things done! 😁 Keep on rocking it!
  • Sara Quintana: Sara Quintana is such an asset to this College! She doesn't shy away from difficult conversations and instead handles them with grace and compassion. I'm so appreciative of her partnership on several challenging issues. So much of the work that Sara does is not seen by others because of the sensitivity of the topics. Several key team members' departures from Champlain will likely add even more work to her plate, but Sara doesn't complain. Thank you Sara! I SEE YOU! I celebrate you!
  • Jennifer Archambault: The wonderful work that Jennifer did with the Faculty and Staff Welfare Committees to develop a parental leave policy proposal. While COVID nuked the policy, the process was a great model for future work and the proposal is still there, waiting for better times. Jennifer, you were a wonderful thought partner and champion for us all and we will miss you!
  • The Area Coordinators: WOW! Thank you ACs for serving our on-campus student population! Y'all are appreciated for the hard work you do!
  • Nick Faulk: For going the extra mile to make sure that I can access library resources while working remotely. Nick facilitated the special order of a book I wanted and arranged for it to be mailed to my home!! Thank You
  • Marguerite Leek: Marguerite has been doing INCREDIBLE work in coordinating and creating programming for Black History Month. She's also done so much to support student staff in the office and finding creative ways to connect with students throughout this pandemic. Office of Diversity & Inclusion
  • Stephan Giles: I would like to recognize Stephan for his ability to consistently connect with and support CCO students in the courses he teaches, especially veterans. Students regularly describe him as an "amazing" instructor who inspires them to have hope and succeed.

January Shout-Outs

  • Danielle L'Esperance: We doubt anything would run as smoothly as it does without Danielle! She is constantly at the helm of communications to students to ensure smoothness at the beginning of semesters. ID troubleshooting, COVID daily reminders, move-in instructions, billing reminders, ED calls, oh my! Thanks for all the work you do bringing all the offices together, Danielle!
  • Faith Yacubian: Faith, your selflessness, compassion, and humility are an inspiration. Time and again, you take steps to make sure we are all doing the right thing, and you are always there learning alongside your colleagues, lifting up voices that need to be elevated and reminding us all that there is always more learning to be done.
  • Tim Van Woert: Even though he is the director of physical plant, Tim has several times come in personally to take care of projects and to make sure the needs of the library are met, in record time. Thank you for being so responsive, Tim! Your help is much appreciated.
  • Student Accounts Team: Thank you for working tirelessly prior to courses starting on Monday 1/25/21 to create ways to help students succeed financially for the semester. They really made a huge impact on our ability to allow students to return for the spring! Thank you!
  • Josh Blumberg: As the Academic Affairs Committee worked through the Spring 2021 Course Standards, we told Josh about many of the faculty's workload challenges. He has already come up with some great tech solutions to help us out (the Google groups to make it easier to send emails to our classes is just one example). He's working on even more ways to help faculty spend more time teaching and less time on busywork. Josh, thanks for listening so carefully and thinking so creatively! We appreciate it!
  • Leslie Van Wagner: The tweaks she made to a document to tailor it to specific needs that crossed 3 very different silos! Truly a great help to the overall Champlain community!
  • The Team in the Registrar's office: I so appreciate all the work in the registrar's office. They do the background work that ensures I can do my job. They are quick to respond to any query I make and take their jobs seriously. They are dedicated and professional and some of the quiet heroes of this college.

December Shout-Outs

  • John Fenney: John was able to update our monthly Oracle Reconciliation report which was almost 200 pages long to now an 18 page report!! ROCKSTAR!
  • Brynn Ion: Brynn has been an amazing, supportive and caring manager. She goes above and beyond to ensure that you are able to succeed in your role. She is a great listener, and a very thoughtful and genuine person. I deeply appreciate all that she does for CCO students and staff. Thank you for everything Brynn!
  • Erin Meenan: Erin Meenan is an unbelievable instructional designer and an amazing team worker. Her work is excellent, and she is supportive from day one to the finish line! Through Fall, I had the opportunity to witness that she is creative, she has a sharp eye for detail and a problem-solving mindset, she works with the SME to get things done in the best possible way for our students, and she makes everyone involved feel that we are a team! And we are, because of people like Erin!
  • Shannon Tran: Thank you for getting the recent large mailing out on your own. It was no small task! We really appreciate all you do for the Advancement office. Thank you for being such a fantastic part of our team.
  • Megan Everts: Advancement needed to get a large project printed and was unable to do so. When we reached out for help, Megan Everts handled the whole job (which was not a small task) and she even delivered the project to us so we could mail it. This is a really busy time of year for everyone and her willingness to help our team really saved the day!
  • Jennifer Kennelly: Jennifer is so quick and thorough with my dozens of questions as we work through a few changing processes. I'm so appreciative of her help, never-ending patience, and deep knowledge. Thank you!
  • Emily Kokot: Emily is patient, kind, and eager to help her teammates. She's responded quickly to questions and if she doesn't know the answer, has worked to find it and close the loop. Then she takes the time/makes the time to not only tell how something is done but show how. I appreciate how her desire to help others shows in the way that she engages with her teammates. I never feel like I'm bothering her when I ask a question or 5. Thank you Emily!
  • Miriam Horne: I could not have asked that, but her kind heart and thoughtful mind urged her to gently offer her help. This offer came out of the blue and at the most needed moment. I called it a blessing coming thru her. As the saying evokes "Whoever does not thank people has not thanked God." Thank you so much, Miriam.

A single word can brighten the face
of one who knows the value of words.
Ripened in silence, a single word
acquires a great energy for work.

  • Jennifer Archambault: Jennifer, we appreciate your transparency and compassion during this challenging and confusing time. You are a beacon of light.

November Shout-Outs

  • Susan Adkins: No matter what happens, Susan Adkins rises to the occasion. She solves problems and shares information in a way that makes all parties feel included, empowered, and valued. Thank you for being such an incredible colleague, Susan!
  • Tara Arneson: Tara is at the center of constantly changing, complex work, this year more than ever, and yet she is always trying to make things better for the whole college.
  • Christina Brooker: Thank you Christina for always being willing to do whatever is needed to help keep our Champlain community and campus safe and organized. Simply put, YOU ARE A ROCK STAR!! I greatly appreciate your commitment, flexibility, and creative thinking! I will always remember putting garbage bags on our shoes to move furniture out of the mud on Perry lawn! THANK YOU! I appreciate all you do and the fun you incorporate into our work!

October Shout-Outs

  • Kaylee Sullivan and Leah Miller: Thank you for throwing both an in-person and a virtual Halloween party and costume contest! This year is definitely different, but you helped keep the tradition alive for all of us!
  • Johnna Herrick Phelps: Johnna is a model leader on our campus. Even as CCO pivots and grows into new opportunities, she leads with care and compassion. Her commitment to her team and lifting them up for their successes is an inspiration. Thank you for all you are doing!
  • Dr. Van Dora Williams: Shout out to Dr. Van Dora Williams, an amazing colleague and professor! It's truly a pleasure to work with someone who is so dedicated to her students and her program. She has even been known to fill in as an actor in a student's film at 10:00 pm on a Saturday -- after putting in a full day's work on other Champlain projects. And she has a wicked sense of humor! 
  • Ashley Michelle Fowler: Ashley Michelle not only provides such quality love and care for her staff and students, but she also continues to help build connection and community among her BIPOC colleagues. She's a superhero, and her enthusiasm and support for our community does not go unnoticed. Thank you, Ashley Michelle!
  • Drew Bissell, John Ware, Kevin Andrews, Eric Shore, and CJ Gardner: Shout out for their huge effort to get our new student laptop program off the ground. They overcame many hurdles and put in countless hours to put laptops in the hands of every student who needed one.
  • Campus Public Safety Officers: Nathan Brooks, James Gebo, Jenn Gingras-Green, Jack Harris, Clint Kilpatrick, Kasi O'Shields, Shawn Toof, Bruce Bovat and Tony Calacci: Words can't express how thankful I am to have such a dedicated group of professionals keeping our students, staff and faculty safe every day and every night. Thanks for always picking up the call and helping to solve the problems presented. You show compassion while being firm; understanding while confronting policy violations; and care in very difficult situations. You all are amazing ambassadors for Champlain. Your dedication to our community is outstanding. You are all ESSENTIAL personnel to the max! Thank you!
  • Diane Soboski, Meghan Haley, and ALL who contributed to Champlain Experience Open House: Kudos to Diane & Meghan. Your powerful partnership has cultivated memorable events that build upon each other, allow prospective students a customizable experience, and innovate beyond our competitors. Special shout out to John Lanzetta, Leandre Waldo, Ginger Pressey, Danielle L'Esperance, Erika Brown, Jenn Stockwell, and Karen Heil who generously volunteered to moderate sessions and expand the capacity of this important event.
  • Josh Blumberg: Josh is a humble invisible hero! He is a bee working hard, flying over technology gardens to bring the best of the polens to home. We very much appreciate his brief informative videos, his workshops, his solutions, his open-mindedness and so on. Thanks Josh! with you our life becomes easier.
  • Gabby Sealy: I don't often ask for help from Institutional Research but when I do Gabby always delivers! Thank you for your help Gabby.
  • Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Women's & Gender Center: Thank you to all who helped repaint the Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ crosswalks! They look great!
  • Jared Cadrette: Thank you for your enthusiasm, kindness, and the genuine joy you show when interacting with students and colleagues.
  • The Student Health Center Team - Annika Hawkins-Hilke, Tara Chasnoff, Meredyth Harple, Hannah Marton, Deborah Alsofrom, Susan Jacques, Emily Wasserman, Amber Jimerson: Thank you for taking such good care of our students as they transition into quarantine/isolation. Your personal touches and caring for each individual student is absolutely noticed. Thank you for the dedication you give to each student during a very difficult time for them.
  • Mark Zammuto: Mark is such an inspiring colleague. He is full of great ideas, and he always makes a point to reflect on what's working well. His dedication to student success is out of this world!
  • Howie LeBlanco: For stepping in at a moment's notice to help out his former team (the Admissions Office) with an online event. He transitioned in seamlessly to the program even though he was given less than a day's notice, and we couldn't have done it without him!
    Isabella Poloes:
    Isabella did an amazing job creating and launching an Instagram page and newsletter for the Counseling Center. Out social media accounts look professional, contain useful information and have reached a lot of students! Also, thanks to Breanna Wright for her help with this.
  • Chris North and Lyle King: I want to thank them both for their help in assisting with scheduling several webinars. They were both incredibly helpful, but most importantly they were very responsive and patient. Thanks again for your help.

September Shout-Outs

  • The Wonderful Team at the Center for Learning and Teaching: Shout Out from the Faculty Senate Academic Affairs Committee to the CLT. We would like to give the CLT team some well-deserved praise for its work over the summer. The pandemic took you by surprise, as it did all of us, and you rose to the occasion and helped us all learn, adapt, and do our very best for our students. We know that you put in long, hard hours to get us to where we are now and we appreciate it. We hope you get some rest and downtime soon - you've earned it and then some!
  • John Earp: John Earp is one of Champlain's silent heroes. For those of us who are tech challenged, it seems like sorcery when John arrives on the scene and makes problems melt away. We are so very lucky to have a colleague with such a blend of skill and patience to walk us through our digital mazes.
  • Wayne Buttles: Wayne has been incredibly helpful with all integration changes and troubleshooting to help us solve access issues in Oracle. His technical prowess is so appreciated.
  • Stephanie Kloss: Thank you to Steph for working so hard and always producing such great work! You take on a lot (too much!) and we're incredibly lucky to have you here.
  • Grounds Crew: Our Grounds Crew is amazing! Once again campus looked great for our student move-in weekends and the start of the semester. The team has their hands full and their efforts in keeping our campus green and glowing is appreciated!
  • CJ Gardner: CJ has been running a twelve-ring circus helping everyone who has submitted a help desk ticket in the last 10 days. There is a greater need for the services provided by the help desk than ever before, and CJ and his team are handling it with grace and kindness. Thank you for all your help!

August Shout-Outs

  • Brian Andrews: Thank you Brian (and his team) for creating the Orientation Leader Biography pages for the Orientation Website! They came out amazing! Feel free to check them out yourself here.
  • Tim Van Woert, Lisa Martinez, Jason Cone, and the Physical Plant Crew: Thank you Tim, Lisa, Jason, and the Physical Plant team who helped the Event Center move lots of furniture, set up last minute electrical requests, and help prepare the grounds for tents! We really appreciate how quickly and efficiently you respond to requests and you get it done! We are proud to call you our partners!
  • Lisa Mazzariello, Kelsey O'Connor, Nick Pillsbury, Jared Cadrette: The Event Center is extremely grateful to our rock star partners in Student Engagement, Lisa, Kelsey, Jared and Nick! THANK YOU so much for helping us tear down and put away all of the furniture and carpet in the gymnasium AND for your help in our incredible train of furniture moving from Joyce to CCM. You made it possible and you made it fun! True team spirit and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!
  • Res Life Team: Many thanks to the Res Life team for working diligently and thoughtfully with students and parents through all of the on-campus changes! Thank you for all of your efforts!
  • Betsy Allen-Pennebaker: For the significant positive impact you have had on the CLT and our offerings. Your contributions have been absolutely brilliant! We are so lucky to have you on our team.
  • Stephen Robinson and Lilly Johnsson: Stephen and Lilly jumped in to complete a project for the Academic Affairs office. Your expertise and willingness to help is greatly appreciated, all of the time, but especially in the challenging times we are experiencing. You lightened the load for us and we thank you for representing the best of the Champlain community.
  • Lisa Martinez: Lisa has quickly become an essential part of campus, especially as we work to reopen. She is always helpful, always thinking ahead, and such a great communicator. Thank you for all you have been doing to prepare campus to reopen, Lisa!
  • Campus Public Safety: Thank you CPS! While many of us were forced to work remotely since spring, CPS never had the opportunity. They were here on campus during all the uncertainty of the spring, the uninhabited summer, and now keeping our students safe during their quarantine. They do so much for our campus and our community. THANK YOU, CPS!
  • Jessica Allard: Thank you for finding the perfect books for my courses. Throughout the summer, Jessica has sent me suggestions of books that fit perfectly with my syllabus. Much appreciated.
  • Nic Anderson: Thank you Nic for running a last-minute, late night errand that was unexpected but so so appreciated! You go above and beyond for Champlain and it's remarkable.
  • Caroline Toy: Caroline has been an amazing coach helping me to organize myself for remote teaching. I have much more confidence moving forward because of her support.
  • Lisa Martinez and Tim Van Woert: For working tirelessly with their team to get the dorms and campus ready for students. It's been an extremely hectic month and both Lisa and Tim have taken all the unique challenges head on and done so collaboratively and with enthusiasm. Hats off to you both.
  • The OIE team: Thank you for building very cool and interactive virtual offices. Thanks to the team for sharing the knowledge with the greater Champlain community and helping other departments build virtual offices. This type of work greatly enhances the student experience in these new times.
  • Stephanie Doan: Stephanie Doan is balancing AHEAD Program Planning; Single Parents Program oversight; CARE Scholars prep work; communications to commuter students; emergency fund requests for financially insecure students; Food Pantry management and food security efforts, and somehow continues to show up to work with a smile, her contagious sense of humor, compassion, and professionalism beyond her years.
  • Danielle L'Esperance: Danielle L'Esperance may not wear a cape to work (probably so as to not distract from her impeccable wardrobe) but she performs heroic feats every day. Few people are better suited to provide the level of customer service that Danielle does to students, parents, colleagues, team members, and beyond. Thank you for your stellar example always, Danielle.
  • Howie LeBlanco: There are NO WORDS available to me to sufficiently celebrate all that Howie LeBlanco adds to our campus or what a gift he is to our community so let me start by expressing gratitude for his work getting student employees with early start dates hired while juggling the implementation of new systems and supporting hiring for the academic year. Let's never take him for granted - Champlain is immensely better because of Howie's contributions.

July Shout-Outs

  • Kate Cronin: Kate is so thoughtful and patient, with such incredible attention to detail! Thank you for everything you're doing to get campus reopened safely.
  • Compass Student Services, Student Accounts, and Advancement: The staff in Compass Student Services, Student Accounts, and Advancement have been fielding many calls and emails from students and their parents about fall 2020 with grace and compassion. Thank you all for all that you are doing!
  • My Physical Plant Coworkers: Thank you for being there. For the unintended positive reinforcement. For continuing to move forward regardless. For answering when I call. I appreciate you guys a lot. Thank you.
  • Student Accounts Team: Thank you for providing excellent, thoughtful, and compassionate service to our students, and their families and supporters. It's not an easy feat to stay kind through challenging communications but you all do your work with such grace. Thank you!
  • Dan Selicaro: Your selfless, efficient and ongoing support of the CLT and Faculty. We could not do this work without you. Thanks, Dan! You are the best!
  • Jes Mattera: Much of Jes's work takes place behind the scenes, where it could easily go unseen, but nothing in the library would work without Jes! She is always happy to drop everything to help anyone, colleague or student, with a problem.
  • Kate Ford: Kate has been an extremely valued member of the Housing and Residential Life team. Planning through lots of different scenarios of housing students, communicating housing information with numerous partners, and constantly thinking about the student in our processes are just of the few things I want to thank you for. Your attention to detail and your good humor along the way are so valued. Thank you for all that you do for our team and for our students!
  • Annika Hawkins-Hilke: Thank you, Annika, for your constant commitment to all things health related. You have consistently shared Department of Health updates in a succinct and thoughtful way, helping the rest of us non-medical people understand all things Covid related. I appreciate your thoroughness, your consistency, your dedication, but especially your calm and resilient approach. Champlain is lucky to have you as a member of our team!
  • Cooper Fellows: For being Champlain's "man behind the curtain". You're a WIZARD, Cooper! There is no way to thank you for all the magical behind-the scenes things you make happen across College business units. Diligence, thoughtfulness, innovation, mad skill, professionalism, courtesy and genius are the hallmarks of your work. Day in and day out, you ALWAYS go the extra mile to make all the stuff work so seamlessly, all us front-end users don't have to give a second thought to all the work that happens to build, maintain and optimize the back-end systems that run the College. You manage all of this while simultaneously planning for and building our future infrastructure. A huge thanks to you and the wonderful team you have built for keeping us whole during the pivot, and keeping us moving forward in spite of it.

June Shout-Outs

  • Elin Melchior: Elin's crowd-sourced "galleries", starting with the Pet Parade, have been such a great way of keeping us all connected!
  • Angela Gale: Thank you, Angela Gale, for being a calming influence, always showing optimism and keeping our team connected. You have provided our team with so much support over the past few months.
  • William McCrary: William, you are always so helpful. Thank you for always being willing to lend a hand.
  • Nic Anderson: It seems that Nic has been everywhere on campus, making sure that unoccupied spaces are okay without us and preparing for a very different, challenging reality in the fall. Thank you Nic!
  • Marcelle Langan: I would like to thank Marcelle Langan for her part in the marketing wizardry that has gone on lately with so many projects so close together. The beautiful packaging for the GAP year as well as the "Trauma & Resilience" summer webinar series were both done so expeditiously and with such expertise. Well done!
  • Sarah Camille Wilson: Sarah Camille brings her heart and soul into her work, and she brightens the library team daily. She is always someone who asks "how can I help?" Her creative and thoughtful team-building challenges have been a bright spot over the last few months of remote work.
  • Megan Haley: I would like to thank Megan Haley for her very diligent effort on the GAP year project. Megan was on this like white on rice, having to be flexible repeatedly as we shifted from side to side with various ideas with this new program. Megan's extraordinary effort and marketing creativity helped produce what we have now released as yet another signature Champlain College innovation.
  • Steph Kloss: Steph is a true marketing goddess... Over the past few weeks, she has managed to keep track of the GAP year task force, while packaging what we came up in a manner that is inviting, colorful, and showcasing what we are offering in the best possible way. Steph did all of this so expeditiously that it was astounding. In addition, Steph simultaneously managed to get a gorgeous web-page up and running for the "Trauma & Resilience" summer webinar series to begin on July 8th... Wow! Big Thank Yous, Steph !!!
  • Emily Crist: Emily has done the most amazing job of leading our GAP Year task force, facilitating our frequent and lengthy meetings, kicking out detailed google-docs overnight, while gently guiding us with the focus and tenacity needed to pull this whole together in nine short days. Great job, Emily!!!

May Shout-Outs 

  • The CCO advisors, especially Janet Morrison, Alyssa Helme, Caroline Steele, Emily Peters: Supporting online students right now is no easy task- especially while juggling changes, multiple deadlines, many offices, and of course - student needs. The CCO advisors have been absolutely amazing at supporting students and our adjunct online faculty. As an online adjunct faculty member, I have been impressed with the fast responses and ongoing support of the CCO advising team, and especially Caroline Steele, Janet Morrison, Alyssa Helme, and Emily Peters. These four offer unprecedented support to their students- whether it is a pandemic or not. They also guide adjunct faculty members through tricky situations and assist in communication with their students. Our institution is beyond lucky to have these advisors working with our students and on their behalf.
  • Staff Council Networking Committee: Shout out to the Staff Networking Committee for organizing Zoom Bingo. The Bingo was so much fun but the camaraderie and fellowship was even better. What a privilege and honor it is to be part of such a phenomenal group of people who are so professional, funny, kind, and talented. What an amazing staff we have!
  • Carolyn Roberts, Kate Ford, Bridget Grim, Ian Fournier, Jerome Holland: Thank you for your tireless work coordinating and assisting with students moving out of their residence hall! Lots of little details and behind the scenes went in to this process. I see you and the work that you do!
  • Diane Soboski: Shout out to Diane Soboski for being named one the New England Association for College Admission Counseling's (NEACAC) Professionals of the Year! We are lucky to have Diane's leadership in Enrollment Management. This award recognizes her impact as a strong representative for Champlain, as well as her value as a leader for college admissions in the New England region. Congrats!
  • Tara Arneson: Kudos to Tara Arneson and the team in the Registrar's Office for their tireless work this semester and into the summer. You are noticed! You are appreciated!
  • WeiKian Chen: He is a door always open to you, if you need any help regarding anything from advising to course stuff, from professional development to gardening, from/to you name it. He is a friend and he is a mentor, he is a colleague, he is a sunny day!
  • Scott Stevens: For connecting ITS faculty with Faculty Conversations Meetings on Campus and now on Google Meet, he is giving energy to his team, reachable and supportive. Knows very well how to handle difficult situations. Thanks Scott!
  • Linda Reid: I would like to congratulate Linda on her new role at CCO and the new adventures ahead of her. I would like to thank her for being a wonderful student advisor that always had the right answer whenever I had a question about how to best help a student succeed. She was as much an advisor to those students as she was to the instructors.
  • Janet Morrison: Thanks to Janet for going over and above to support our online students, some of whom are Champlain staff!
  • The Housing & Residential Life Team: Thank you for all that you do for our students daily, both in the residential halls and out. Awesome job this week on starting residential move out! Shout out to Kate, Carolyn, Bridget, Erica, Ian, Monica, Rachel, Susan, and Summer RAs!
  • Emily Crist: You did an amazing job working through the virtual gap with the team! I'm so grateful for your leadership and planning. I'm so glad I got to work with you!
  • Kristi Jovell: You're amazing! I'm so grateful for your dedication and hard work.
  • Stephanie Kloss and Meghan Haley: I know you got very little sleep while standing up the Virtual Gap. I'm amazed by your dedication and talent! You're always so smart and kind. Thank you so much.
  • All Virtual Gap participants: I can't thank all members of the campus community who were involved in building this amazing program enough! I loved working every minute with you all and am so proud and grateful for your thinking and help! All my gratitude, Lisa.
  • Howie LeBlanco: Howie is always thinking and working to make things better for everyone at Champlain. He doesn't just get things done (although he certainly does!), he asks "how can we do this better?" and comes up with solutions.
  • Adam Goldstein: Congratulations on escorting more students (again) through the DoD CySP Scholarship Program - full tuition, a stipend, and a guaranteed job upon graduation. That's a big deal, especially as these young undergrads face unprecedented economic circumstances. Thank you.
  • Champ Support Team: For continuing to provide tech support, even remotely, and always being ready, willing, and able to lend a hand for sudden tech crises.
  • Elin Melchior and Staff Council: Thank you to everyone involved in putting together the Pet Parade! Scrolling through those photos was a lot of fun-we've got some adorable work-from-home colleagues in the Champlain community.
  • Everyone who Worked on the Virtual Commencement: Thank you to everyone who worked so hard during these crazy times to put together an awesome virtual commencement experience for our students. There were laughs and tears. It was perfect.
  • Kim Quinn: I love her Wellbeing Wednesday emails. It's always such a good reminder to take time for my mental health and wellness.
  • Katherine Birrow & the Virtual Commencement Team: Everyone who created the Virtual Commencement: You did an amazing job! Watching it, I laughed, I cheered, I wept. Such amazing creativity in the face of challenge- the true Champlain spirit!
  • Susan Pepper: Susan Pepper is always so happy to help and so kind!
  • Admissions and Marketing: Incredible Accepted Student Day Event- I think everyone in Marketing and Admissions deserves a HUGE shout out for their work on the Accepted Student Day events they created. I tuned into the 2nd session on Saturday April 18th and was immediately impressed (an understatement) by how engaging and informative the event was. I am glad that we had great student turn out and hope to see that the efforts paid off. GREAT JOB!
  • Kaylee Sullivan: Kaylee is one of the hardest working employees at this college. She has been intercal in helping promote events to our students in this time of remote learning. Over the past 8 weeks, she has gone above and beyond to help make sure our students know what opportunities they have to engage with one another. Where it's making a Facebook page for your event or adding it to Instagram, Kaylee always has our students in the best interest. Kaylee, Thank you for helping create a sense of normalcy during these unprecedented times. You are loved!
  • Lyle King: So many thank yous to Lyle for being the Zoom-Master who is such a big part of keeping our virtual community together and enjoying the events that bring us together and celebrating.
  • Lisa Mazz & Student Engagement Team: Thank you to the Student Engagement Team for recognizing and celebrating seniors through a virtual senior week!
  • Paula Willoquet-Maricondi and Eric Ronis: I'd like to thank both Paula and Eric for their help managing a difficult student issue. I really appreciated the time that they took to work with me and the student and how thoughtful and understanding their were regarding the student's needs.

April Shout-Outs

  • Pat Boera & Lyle King: Thank you for your partnership in leading the technical and logistical details of the first-ever virtual accounting capstone CPE conference. We hosted the largest number of external CPA participants in the history of the accounting capstone (approximately 40 external guests!) Thank you for allowing us to lean into our current circumstances and continue to provide our students with a unique culminating experience while delivering a valuable service to our community partners and alumni! We couldn't have pulled it off without your support!
  • Susan Adkins: Susan Adkins goes above and beyond in every way. Stepping into the role of Associate Library Director during a time of unprecedented uncertainty and constant change, she has kept the needs of students front and center at all times, and never wavers in her support of her team.
  • Ellen Zeman: So often Ellen's work is behind the scenes, but her "fingerprints" are all over the good work of Champlain College. Her ability to forecast impact and plan accordingly for the very best outcome for students, faculty and staff creates smooth implementations, adaptations and transitions. It is natural for us to disregard systems and aspects of our work when things are going well. But know that Ellen's wisdom and selfless efforts removing barriers and anticipating needs have helped make it so.
  • Lisa Bunders: Lisa has been an amazing leader throughout this remote period. She is focused on giving our prospective and deposited students the best experiences at the same time as creating a fun and flexible work environment for her employees. Keep being awesome!
  • Operations Managers - Megan, Julie, Jean-Marie, Linda, and Susannah: I just want to thank them for all they do - tirelessly, day in and day out, quietly and behind the scenes each and every day - for our students and faculty. They are bridges between faculty, students, and staff and their work touches all corners and most departments at the College. They are just as likely to be working with our Finance Dept, People Center, and Marketing as they are with the Registrar's Office, Admissions, Curriculum Committee, or the Bookstore. It is a rare problem that they can't solve, bridging gaps and seamlessly integrating multiple systems to make student and faculty lives easier. Thank you!
  • Kim Quinn: Thank you Kim, for your Mindful Wednesday newsletter. It's such a challenging time for many of us as we worry about the present and the future - worry about our jobs, our families, our students. There have been so many weeks of late where I am feeling down and sad, and then your Mindful Wednesday email comes and reminds me to bring my thoughts back to the present -to focus on today, even if it's just for a few minutes. Then when I forget, your reminder comes again the next week. In gratitude...
  • Pat Boera, Kerry Shackett, Susan Edwards, and Mary Still: With only one week (!) of planning, this talented quartet put together three "You Can Do This" alumni sessions for SSB, CCM, and EHS students, primarily seniors. I am astounded by the resourcefulness, programming expertise and nothing-is-impossible mindset they showed to make this happen. Thanks to Lylie for his outstanding tech support as well!
  • Rebecca Mills: Rebecca has worked tirelessly with her staff and with faculty both directly and indirectly to help campus through the difficult transition to remote learning in record time. She continues to work with faculty teaching summer online courses and is thinking creatively about how to handle teaching and learning moving forward in uncertain times. Thank you so much for your dedication and commitment to students, faculty and staff. You are a gem!
  • Meghan Haley & Brielle Hansen: Meghan did a truly incredible job of bringing our Admitted Student Days to life virtually. The events were creative, engaging and highlighted the very best of what Champlain has to offer. Meghan orchestrated these complex events while simultaneously coordinating the announcement of our new president, and thoughtfully and strategically leading the marketing team. Meghan's work was supported by the exceptional graphic design skills of Brielle Hansen who worked tirelessly to ensure that the presentations were bright, bold and beautiful. Thanks to EVERYONE who had a hand in these events!
  • Freddy Angel and Caroline Toy: Freddy and Caroline did an unbelievable job supporting faculty through the transition to remote learning. Through canvas support and so much more, they made this emergency transition possible for faculty and students!
  • Amy Eastman: Huge props to Amy for all her help with navigating the unique registrar situations posed by the Degree Design Lab. You responded to our many requests with professionalism and found ways for our innovative curriculum and courses to interface with the systems of registration. Thank you SO MUCH for your goodwill, patience and efficiency - you make Champlain a better place for all of us!
  • Erin Ferrara: Erin continues to make a positive difference every day at Champlain for students, staff, and faculty. Thank you for everything you do - it does not go unnoticed.
  • Stephanie Kloss: A tremendous thank you to Steph for her tireless work on the announcement of Champlain's next president. From writing to video production to web development, Steph did it ALL. We had a great team of colleagues help share the good news of Dr. Akande's appointment, but Steph's leadership and hard work were central to our success. In addition to the excellent, thoughtful and careful work, she was such a generous colleague throughout an intense (and often late night) process. So happy to count you as a colleague!
  • Molly Pepper and Howie LeBlanco: They have done a great job to support student supervisors and students. They have organized a process to help get students paid and have done so in an efficient and thoughtful way. Nice work team!
  • Elin Melchior: Elin did an amazing job making the annual International Photo Contest Reception a hugely successful VIRTUAL event!
  • Duane Dunston: Thank you for keeping us informed about the IRS stimulus checks - such a community service to make sure we don't fall into hacker traps. Thank you, Duane!
  • Marita Martin: Thank you for always being there (for CCO and all of Champlain)!
  • Leslie Van Wagner: Thank you, Leslie, for volunteering to represent staff council at (virtual) new employee orientation. Your kind and welcoming demeanor were the perfect addition!
  • Roland Palmer: Roland, you care so much about the college and your colleagues, and you are always ready to help, with a smile! Your dedication and positive outlook are contagious- the good kind of contagious!
  • Susan Pepper: I reached out to Sue to ask for help in getting Zoom setup and, then upgraded, and not only did she get back to me quickly she had already solved what I needed! She's always been an amazing support but in these times it's even more comforting and helpful! THANK YOU PEPPER!
  • Ted Winokur, Cooper Fellows, and Dan Selicaro: Shout out to Ted Winokur, Cooper Fellows, and Dan Selicaro who went over and above to support the development of the COVID-19 reflections project for the Archives! They were tremendously responsive and helpful. Thank you Ted, Cooper, and Dan!
  • Maureen Whitney and Greg Davis: Maureen and Greg spent a lot of time and effort figuring out how much of a housing and meal plan credit the on-campus students will be getting. They worked hard until they figured out a solution that felt the most fair to students. Their math skills and student-focused approach to their work is impressive!
  • Jennifer Nichols: For managing the communications to campus from Academic Affairs and keeping us on track with our leadership team daily check-ins.
  • Kathy Seiler: Thank you for all of your hard work as Faculty Senate President. You are appreciated!
  • John Earp: Thank you for going above and beyond while trying to help sorting out technical difficulties.
  • Health Services: Thank you for the essential services you provide to our students and the college during this difficult time. We're so lucky to have you as a resource.
  • Brian Andrews, Dan Selicaro and everyone on the Web Services team: Thank you for being so responsive and helpful with all of our technical questions and for the quick turnaround with website updates. It has been so helpful to the Counseling team to be able to have updates published quickly to our website during this difficult time for students and their families.
  • John Earp: John donated N95 masks that we had on campus to local medical personnel.

March Shout-Outs

  • Shaylea Scribner: Thank you, Shaylea, for the amazing leadership and care for our community that you always show, and that has never met a more essential need than it does now!
  • Admissions Team: The incredible admissions team has done an amazing job pivoting in a flash and moving all their recruitment efforts 100 % online! Your nimbleness and positivity are the essence of Champlain!
  • Champlain College Online Academic Advisors: Thank you for being the most helpful team during my last 4 and 1/2 months here, for being a great example of student support, and doing an amazing job during this transition while doing registration and so many other reports!
  • Laurie Quinn: Laurie's sincere, caring leadership during this difficult time has been nothing short of heroic. While she certainly has a team supporting her and helping her make these difficult decisions, a calm, steady hand steering the ship is what every organization should have and needs. And we have that in Laurie. Champlain has always thrived during crisis, but this takes it to a whole new level and Laurie has seemingly not missed a beat. Thank you, Laurie, for everything.
  • Lyle King: Lyle was so incredibly helpful in organizing Faculty Senate, helping us navigate the technology and helping us practice ahead of time. You are absolutely invaluable to this institution.
  • Jennifer Nicholls: Your ability to keep things organized and maintain forward momentum during these chaotic times is truly impressive.
  • The Information Systems (IS) team: Your responsiveness during this time of crisis has been amazing. Thanks so much!
  • Office of International Education - Burlington, Montreal, and Dublin teams: These amazing people have had to oversee the closure of our international centers and the transition of our study abroad students back to their homes within an incredibly short window of time under incredibly tense and constantly changing conditions. This was an emotional time for the students, who have planned for their semester abroad for years, only to have it cut short. The on-site staff in Dublin and Montreal, along with the Burlington team, have constantly monitored fast-changing global conditions, supported the students all the way through, and supported faculty in transitioning to remote instruction, even as the coronavirus crisis has cut to the heart of the global connections that these people show up every day to facilitate. International education looks completely different today than it did just a couple of weeks ago, but I have no doubt that this creative and quick-thinking team will come through this stronger, with a whole bag of new tricks for doing this work in the future. Keep up the fantastic work!
  • All People Center Employees: Thank you People Center people for managing a difficult and protracted transition to new a new technology platform with grit and skill, for maintaining helpful communication leading up to the transition, for providing thoughtful and clear training sessions and instruction manuals, for turning on a dime with the decision to postpone "go live," for adapting to change with grace, and for after all that, providing helpful guidance for remote work and supporting us as we all transition. You have our gratitude and admiration!
  • Noah Goldblatt: thank you for your leadership of our team as everyone worked to bring students back to the states these past few days. Thank you, having a steady hand at the helm was most appreciated.
  • Emily Crist and Susan Adkins: Thank for for the fantastic leadership of the library in these unexpected circumstances and their commitment to doing all the library can to continue to support faculty, students, and staff.
  • Champlain Librarians: The librarians' show of support - from Jessica Allard making the first contact with us about online film resources to Emily Crist offering to scan my text... 10-20% of it, of course - to has been tremendous. If I happen to fall on success while shifting to remote teaching and students find the transition smooth, the credit for those wins goes to the librarians, amongst other key staff and faculty.
  • Student Health Center Team: Thank you for being superheroes and skilled clinicians at this time when the healthcare system is so pressed in every direction. Thank you for all you do!
  • Susan Waryck: Thank you for being so skilled at your role and managing so many layers of the current situation. Your leadership of several critical teams and your poise throughout is admirable. You rock!
  • Campus Public Safety Team: Thank you for continuing to show up and do your jobs with patience, balance, and good spirits. Thank you for keeping our campus safe and your willingness to do whatever the job requires.
  • The Counseling Center Team: Thank you for supporting students in new and complicated ways. Your work is always admirable and you provide an incredible service to our campus and to have to respond in times like these is heroic. Thank you!
  • The Housing and Residential Life Team: Thank you for coordinating the transition of hundreds of students off-campus while continuing to support those remain is an incredible feat and they all do it with grace and compassion. Thankful for you all!
  • Leandre Waldo: Leandre has been a Champlain communications go-to extraordinaire during these crazy times, and I am so extremely appreciative of her hard work and initiative. She is a light in these difficult times, and I feel lucky to work alongside her.
  • The Center for Learning and Teaching: Thank you for heroically supporting the efforts of faculty to transition their courses to remote instruction. Caroline, Freddy, and Rebecca are working long days, nights, and weekends to create resources and provide guidance to faculty. We couldn't make this monumental shift without all they're doing behind the scenes!
  • Champlain Librarians: They have been doing herculean work, finding electronic versions of textbooks, keeping us informed about what is available, helping with making pdfs -- I'm sure we are all grateful and appreciative of all their work this week!
  • Laurie Quinn: For putting up with SO MUCH at the end of her interim term... I mean, come on. Laurie, thank you so much for all that you do and all that you have done. I appreciate your hard work and your wise leadership.
  • Ellen Zeman: For having great patience, care, and humor in helping colleagues navigate the Curriculog technology system...it is greatly appreciated!
  • Jean-Marie (JM) Severance: I would like to recognize JM for being the super-glue holding our EHS family together, especially when we are in the throws of mid-terms, frazzled by politics (both internal and global), or whatever. She slides in on the DL by silently organizing an amazing Ben & Jerry's spread for us to decompress, laugh, and remember to have fun. Her positive energy and "sneak-savvy" with surprise treats that seem to land at just the right time really give us a lift. I think it is easy to take for granted such a positive work environment where we feel valued and appreciated. Thank you, JM, for your thoughtfulness, continued effort to make things magically happen behind the scenes, and for being the rudder of our EHS family.
  • Ashley Michelle Fowler: For your warmth and personal connection with students. I witnessed this in IDX recently, at the coffee bar, you told a student that your week was better because you got to talk with them. I greatly appreciate you, and so do our students.