Recognition and Awards

Edward Phelps Lyman Professorship

The full-time faculty recognition award, named after Edward Phelps Lyman, is given to a faculty member who is dedicated to teaching and service at Champlain College. Visit the Faculty Awards page to view previous years' winners.

Francine Page Excellence in Teaching Award

The adjunct faculty recognition award, named after Francine Page, is for an adjunct faculty member who shows dedication to students and the mission of Champlain College through excellent teaching. Visit the Faculty Awards page to view previous winners.

Elizabeth A. Durick Staff Service Award

Elizabeth A. Durick was a teacher, staff member, and Assistant Vice President at the College between 1958 and 1988.

Academic Innovation Award

Established in 2022 the Academic Innovation Award will allow us to spotlight individuals and teams whose collaboration, inventiveness, and hard work exemplify academic innovation at Champlain.

DARE Award

Started in May of 2014, the DARE award recognizes faculty and staff who have made significant contributions to Champlain. 2019 was the final year for this award.

David J. Provost Culture of Wellbeing Award

This award recognizes the individual(s) who exemplifies the spirit, enthusiasm, and commitment modeled by David J. Provost in supporting Champlain College Wellbeing.

Employee Shout Outs

A peer-to-peer recognition program that allows staff members to recognize other staff (peers, supervisors, and direct reports) for their extraordinary contributions to the College.

Faculty Emeritus

Faculty Emeritus status honors retired faculty who made a commitment to Champlain College in multiple roles.

John Lavallee Innovation Award

John Lavallee has been at Champlain College for more than 40 years. In 1993 he started the online program. He is now a full-time instructor in the Division of Champlain College Online.

Employee Recognition AwardsEmployee Recognition Award Station

Do you have a colleague who brightens your day? Are you bursting with appreciation for someone who goes above and beyond? LET THEM KNOW!

You will now find Appreciation Stations across campus with notecards and a few fun flourishes to show your gratitude. Use these materials to write a note of thanks to interoffice mail to colleagues. For remote employees, write their name on the envelope and interoffice mail it to the People Center for addressing and mailing.

Appreciation Station Locations:

  • Perry Hall Mailroom (located near Compass)
  • Freeman Hall President's Office
  • Library Front desk
  • Lakeside 3rd Floor Mailroom

Pass-It-On-Peer-To-Peer Award

Both physical and digital versions of this trophy are passed on by employees weekly. This award is a tangible symbol of appreciation for the day-to-day work we all do. It may be given anonymously or with great fanfare.

Spot Awards

Spot awards are presented to employees, who go above and beyond in their department.

Staff Council Award

Visit the Staff Council page to see previous winners.

Staff Council You Bowl Me Over Award

Award passes from peer-to-peer among staff and faculty at Champlain College. Winners are announced at Staff Council Meetings and the Staff Council Blog. Winners pass the award to a colleague or team they wish to recognize for their outstanding work, and who embodies one or more of the values in the Champlain 2030 Strategic Plan.

Years of Service Recognition

Presented at the Recognition Dinner to recognize a commitment to Champlain College.

Retirement Gift

As a parting gift, a retiree may receive a monetary recognition. Retirees are eligible for $100 for each year of full time employment to a maximum of $2,500, and $50 per year of part time employment up to $1,250.

*To be considered a retiree you must be age 60 in the calendar or fiscal year in which you retire whichever is later — You must have at least 15 years of service to be eligible.

Also, check out the Staff Council Awards and the Staff Council page.