Eco Reps

In the fall of 2011, Champlain College launched an Eco-Reps Program in our residence halls.Eco-Reps Logo

What are Eco-Reps?

Eco-Reps are peer educators within college residence halls that model environmentally responsible living behaviors and conduct education and outreach to fellow residents. Eco-Reps are trained and coordinated by the Director for Service & Sustainability Learning who connects them to appropriate campus personnel and resources.  Eco-Rep activities are generally focused within the residential areas of campus, but can spill out into broader campus issues when most applicable. There are currently over 100 similar programs on campuses across the country.

Goals of the Program at Champlain College

  • Train, educate and empower student leaders
  • Increase student engagement and community building through peer leadership
  • Increase environmental behaviors on campus (not limited to waste reduction, energy and water conservation, alternative transportation, and conscious consumption)

Program Format & Training

Student Eco-Reps meet with Director for Service & Sustainability Learning  on a weekly basis. Each month has a theme and related events & activities. Students are provided related resources and to-do list for the month. Throughout the year, students participate in trainings that include: team-building exercises, program orientation, among other activities.


Waste; Energy; Food; Transportation; Water; Conscious Consumption

Training/Professional Development Topics:

How to host an event; Effective Communication; Community Based Social Marketing; Time Management for Student Leaders; Collaborations across campus


  • Set up an bulletin board in their residence hall and post information
  • Collaborate with residential life staff on res hall programming opportunities, such as the annual Kill-A-Watt Challenge
  • Conduct audits of the trash and recycling bins in their building
  • Be a resource person for students in the residence hall
  • Promote the Green Room Certification Program
  • Act as "eyes & ears" regarding res hall operations and report accordingly to Physical Plant staff
  • Conduct energy audits of appliances in residence halls
  • Conduct surveys about ecological issues
  • Attend meetings to plan activities and provide feedback to the Director for Service & Sustainability Learning  
  • Assist with waste reduction activities at move in/move out
  • Set up and staff environmental information tables and exhibits
  • Go on tours of local sites such as Green Mountain Compost and the Material Recovery Facility
  • Develop programs and projects related to your interests

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