Peer Coach

Who are Peer Coaches?

Career Coach

Peer Coaches are your career mentors and allies throughout the InSight program. They help you locate programs and resources that align with your career aspirations and work with you to refine your career marketing and finance skills.

After your first year, you have the option to pay your knowledge forward by coaching other students on career- and finance-related topics. You’ll help others by sharing what you’ve learned while also expanding your leadership skills.

What do Peer Coaches do?

Peer Coaches act as liaisons between students and their InSight program curriculum. Peer Coaches represent the Career Collaborative and the program on campus. They educate students via one-on-one sessions, by facilitating workshops or assisting during large Career Collaborative events.

Peer Coaches also have the opportunity to participate in the continuous development of our InSight program by brainstorming initiatives and resources to further prepare our students for a successful transition into their professional lives.

The Peer Coach position has two areas of specialization:

  • Personal Finance
    Personal Finance Peer Coaches focus on topics such as credit, salary negotiation, budgeting, cost of living analysis, investments and student loan repayment strategies. They participate in dedicated trainings to become experts in these areas so they can empower other students to make informed financial decisions.

  • Career Positioning
    Career Peer Coaches work closely with the professional staff in the Career Collaborative. They have specific divisions assigned to them, so they can better assist students with major/industry-specific career preparation. They staff daily drop-in hours at the Garden House and can assist you with anything related to your career.

    Peer Career Coaches also receive on-going, advanced training on career-relevant topics, such as résumé writing, social media presence strategies, networking, etc.

How can I become a Peer Coach?

Recruitment starts each January for the following academic year. Look for emails from your Career Coach or talk to a current Peer Coach for recruitment information. We hope you will apply!