Meet the Eco-Reps

2023-2024 Sections:

Eco-Rep Captain


Emma Dannenberg '24 (she/her)

Green Up Challenge / Event Programming Lead

Major: Creative Media with a minor in Environmental Policy

Emma, a senior originally from Wakefield, MA, majoring in Creative Media and minoring in Environmental Policy, is the returning Eco-Rep Captain for the 2023-2024 academic year! Emma enjoys bird watching, hiking, swimming, and nature and is excited to bring recognition to the Eco-Rep team.

Central Campus


Morgan Chesnais '26 (she/her)

Area Coordinator for Central Campus

Swap Shop Committee Lead

Major: Applied Sustainability

Morgan is a second-year Applied Sustainability major and is the Eco-Rep Area Coordinator for Central Campus. Morgan enjoys taking walks and getting tattoos.

Remy Tenney (he/him)

Eco-Rep for Valcour Hall

Major: CCM Undeclared

Simone Lerner '26 (she/her)

Eco-Rep for Whiting Hall

Social Media Committee Lead

Major: Psychology

Simone is a second-year Psychology student from new London, CT. She is the new Eco-Rep for Whiting Hall! She loves being outside in nature, taking cool photos, making art, spending time with family and friends, and listening to music.

South Campus


Quinn Bailey '26 (she/her)

Area Coordinator for South Campus

Apiary Committee Lead

Major: Applied Sustainability

Quinn, a second-year student from Spring Lake Heights, NJ, majoring in applied sustainability, is the Area Coordinator for South Campus. Quinn enjoys the walkability of Burlington and reading and is excited to teach others about sustainability through being an Eco-Rep.


Mary Eiliert '25 (she/her)


Major: Environmental Studies & Policy

Mary, a third-year student from Providence, RI, majoring in Environmental Studies & Policy, is an Eco-Rep. Mary enjoys Burlington's cold weather and going for walks.

West Campus


Matt Scheeler '24 (he/him)

Area Coordinator for West Campus

Eco-Rep for 194 St. Paul Street

Champ Shop

Major: Visual Communications and Graphic Design

Matthew, a third-year student from Pleasanton, CA, majoring in Visual Communications Design, is an Eco-Rep for 194 Saint Paul Street. Matthew enjoys skiing and the city of Burlington and is excited to be involved with sustainability on campus as an Eco-Rep.

North Campus


Brayden Riddell '25 (he/him)

Area Coordinator for North Campus

Major: Game Design

Brayden, a third-year student from Los Angeles, CA, majoring in Game Design, is the North Campus Area Coordinator. Brayden enjoys kayaking and Burlington's walkability and is excited to promote sustainability as an Eco-Rep.