For the twelfth year in a row, Champlain College has secured a spot on The Princeton Review’s list of Top 50 Undergraduate Schools for Game Design—this year coming in at number 12. 

Champlain’s long reputation as one of the best schools for studying game is based on seven majors that comprise the Game Studio experience: Game Art, Game Business & Publishing, Game Design, Game Production Management, Game Programming, Game Sound Design, and most recently Interactive Narrative for Games & Digital Media.

The Game Studio experience brings students from all game majors together to develop and launch working games, and is modeled after the same collaborative environment you’ll find in today’s AAA studios. The seven undergraduate majors cover every facet of the industry, including game and animation, programming, production, and business management, giving our students an edge in the industry as ultimate team players and familiarity with the entire gaming landscape.

“Champlain started its game programs in 2004, and we have ranked consistently in the top 20 in The Princeton Review’s curated list of best game design schools from their first list,” says Chair of the Game Studio Amanda Crispel.

“We are proud to be able to compete with some of the largest schools in the United States like USC, and regionally RIT. We know the games our students make—and the success of our graduates in the AAA game industry—demonstrate the quality of the education at Champlain College.”

Expert faculty facilitate real-world collaboration throughout students’ four years in the Game Studio, which culminates in the annual Senior Show. This spring event highlights teamwork and creativity across all the majors and showcases their fully functioning games to industry recruiters and on virtual platforms like Twitch. The event is an exciting opportunity for graduates to celebrate their talent and connect with leading game companies nationwide.

In 2023, more than 100 graduating Game Studio students presented eight fully functioning games at the annual Game Studio Senior Show. The games are the product of a year’s worth of hard work and collaboration across all seven majors that make up the Game Studio experience.

The newly introduced Interactive Narrative for Games & Digital Media program is one of the first of its kind in the country and teaches students how to build immersive and infinite games, virtual simulations and experiences, and digital stories that put their audience in the writer’s seat. As a writing-focused major, the BS in Interactive Narrative for Games & Digital Media is uniquely positioned between the Game Studio experience and the Creative Studio experience, giving students opportunities to work freely on game and non-game projects.

Behind it all, Champlain’s unique Upside-Down Curriculum enables students to dive into their major courses from the first semester, providing ample time for immersive learning and professional internships. This approach ensures graduates are industry-ready, with many securing positions in renowned companies such as Rockstar, Sony, and Ubisoft.

Kaitie Catania

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