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Interactive Narrative for Games & Digital Media Major

Write Outside of Traditional Storylines

The Bachelor of Science in Interactive Narrative for Games & Digital Media at Champlain College is changing the way stories unfold. Learn to create immersive and infinite games, virtual simulations, experiences, and digital stories by putting your audience in the writer's seat.

Think of interactive narratives as an upgrade to traditional storytelling. Unlike linear narratives, where the reader merely follows along wherever the author takes them, interactive narratives allow readers to engage with the story's world and make choices that influence how the tale unfolds. This nonlinear approach depends entirely on the reader's decisions, offering a dynamic and personalized experience.

Coming Fall 2025

Applications for the BS in Interactive Narrative for Games & Digital Media will be available beginning Fall 2024 for enrollment in Fall 2025. Don't want to wait? Apply as Undeclared in the Division of Communication & Creative Media to start taking classes in the major in Fall 2024.

To learn more, contact the Program Director Kel Bachus. They would love to hear from you!


With interactive narrative, readers are not just readers, they are participants, players, software and website users, interactive characters. Interactive narrative concepts and techniques may have had their genesis in games, but they are now used to create engaging content across different kinds of media, in both real-life and virtual realities.

Today, interactive narrative writers help craft scenarios for simulations; enhance education and training in areas like business, the military, and trades; design nonlinear user experiences in software; and even influence marketing strategies. Interactive narrative writing is a specialized skill set that will only continue to help transform the way we learn, explore, and experience the world.

Are you ready to break free from the constraints of linear narrative with us?

Just the facts


According to, narrative designers earn competitive salaries, reflecting the high demand for their specialized skills.


No giant lecture halls here. Your average class size will be small enough for personal attention and engaging interactions.

The Best

Champlain College was listed among the "Best Colleges" by U.S. News & World Report in 2024.

Career Success

In Champlain College's Bachelor of Science in Interactive Narrative for Games & Digital Media, you'll find a program that's perfectly in tune with what the industry is looking for. This major's focus on storytelling and cutting-edge media directly addresses the increasing need for professionals who can create engaging content across different platforms - from video games and virtual reality experiences to web series and more.

As a graduate of this program, you'll step into the industry armed with a strong portfolio and the adaptable skills needed to stay on top of emerging trends and technologies. It doesn't just prepare you for a job; it equips you with the tools to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. 

You'll Find a Career In..

Game writing
UX/UI writing
Narrative design
Interactive media production
Virtual reality storytelling
Interactive education
Immersive digital media events & experiences creation

Why Study Interactive Narrative for Games & Digital Media at Champlain College?


Be Among the First
Champlain's Interactive Narrative for Games & Digital Media is one of the first four-year academic programs for interactive narrative in the country. This is your opportunity to be at the leading edge of a growing industry!


Discover New Career Avenues
By emphasizing writing and creative media, this program allows you to explore and open doors to career opportunities creating narrative design and interactive media in various settings and on a variety of platforms—even some that are just emerging as the next big thing.


Built-In Creative & Professional Community 
This is a collaborative, studio-based education. It is housed in the Game Studio Experience if you're interested in pursuing a career in games or in the Creative Studio Experience for other creative careers. As part of a studio cohort, you'll work with students across majors and have access to resources, career opportunities, employers, alumni, and supportive faculty from across majors.

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