Robert P. Stiller School of Business Faculty

Our faculty's deep professional experience offers students in each of our highly marketable majors the distinct advantage of learning the industry's current best practices, techniques and technology in the classroom every day.

You will enjoy strong faculty-student relationships for your personal and professional growth throughout your major, and your professors and advisors will help you select a specialization or minor that will allow you to customize your major to align with your passions and the specific career future you are building.

Majors in the Robert P. Stiller School of Business: Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Game Production Management, International Business, and Marketing.

If you have questions about your future program, feel free to contact a faculty member who teaches in the major in which you are interested. Below, you will find a listing of our full time and part time faculty, and as you click through to their individual profiles, you will find all their program affiliations, educational credentials and contact information.