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Why Minor in Information Technology?

The importance of Information Technology in today’s markets is undeniable; its uses can be found in virtually every profession you can imagine. The Information Technology minor at Champlain College provides a versatile technological foundation that will give you an edge over your competition as you enter the workforce.

The Information Technology minor curriculum gives you a broad exposure to the computing world and is flexible enough that you’ll be adding to your marketable knowledge base no matter what you major in. Skills built through this minor provide a valuable supplement to business, finance, creative, and other professional pursuits, and you’ll enhance your current portfolio to include a set of IT skills, which will add value to your degree and improve job prospects upon graduation.

The 18-credit Information Technology minor is open to students from all majors with the exceptions of majors in the Division of Information Technology & Sciences (ITS), as most topics covered in the minor are already covered in the ITS majors. You’ll complete two required foundational IT courses and then select two specialty tracks in Digital Forensics, Networking, Programming, or Security to complete the minor with a total of six courses.

Depending on the courses that you take, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify core networking and infrastructure components and the roles they serve, and have a better understanding of the requirements and constraints, design an IT infrastructure including devices, topologies, protocols, systems software, management, and security.
  • Design, implement, and test a solution that best matches the client’s expectation based on requirements from the client.
  • Apply the grounding fundamentals in computer networks, operating systems, file systems, hardware, and mobile devices to better understand digital investigations and the protection of computer network resources from unauthorized activity.

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