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Why Minor in Interactive Narrative?

Are you excited about the stories and narratives that drive today’s games and other interactive media? What makes a player or user feel immersed and engaged? How do we communicate a story in a way that involves people and responds meaningfully to their choices?

In the Interactive Narrative minor you’ll learn how to tell the unique kinds of stories that are immersive, non-linear, and engage our audience in a wholly new and unique way.

The art of interactive storytelling is particularly vital for Game and Professional Writing majors, but the skills you’ll learn from this minor apply to media in a huge range of fields: communication, film, education, and interpretive curation, with other opportunities emerging every day. This 15-credit minor is open to students from all majors and integrates well with a variety of career paths.

You will:

  • Through the research and development of narratives, identify and formulate questions that guide investigation and reflection toward discovery and use the collected information to create new content in an ethical, socially responsible manner. Critically and thoroughly examine your own assumptions as well as the assumptions of others.
  • Develop the ability to create narratives characterized by a high degree of originality, divergent thinking, and risk taking; to differentiate between derivative and original work; and to combine or mix existing ideas in ways that are original or that lead to unexpected results. Engage in a creative process that includes rigorous revision.
  • Develop the ability to develop content that conveys ideas, information, and intentions effectively and in a manner that is appropriate to the topic, situation, and audience.
  • Engage in a critique and revision process that demonstrates the ability to separate and organize complex topics or issues into their component parts, and to identify and differentiate those components in order to gain an understanding of the narrative work, its intent, and where it succeeds and fails. Develop the ability to accurately and critically interpret the narrative works of others, provide relevant and useful feedback, and respond appropriately when receiving critique in return.
  • Develop the ability to combine and transfer ideas, data, critique, and personal experiences into rich narratives.

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