Recommended Minors

Be fully prepared for the kind of future and career you want to create.

At Champlain, we encourage you to tailor your education to suit your interests and goals. By declaring a minor in tandem with your major classes and electives, you can add new elements to your skill set and your résumé. For example, you may choose to emphasize the art (e.g. graphics, communication, branding) or the science (e.g. data analysis, coding, human behavior) side of marketing.

Your Faculty Advisor in the Robert P. Stiller School of Business will help you map out the best academic path for you.

Recommended Minors For Career Success

  • Business Analytics will provide you with the tools and resources to make sound business decisions based on facts.

  • Data Science will introduce you to data analytics, statistical testing, computer programming, and their relationship to economic concepts.

  • Digital Marketing will further focus your marketing studies on current digital tools and how to manage and maintain online communities for a brand.

  • Event Management will teach you the skills to plan a successful event, from fundraisers to festivals, considering all aspects of the guest experience.

  • Human Resource Managemen & Organization Development will give you the expertise to handle the responsibilities and functions of human resources.

  • Psychology will help you build a foundational knowledge in understanding and interpreting human behavior-perfect for today's highly competitive marketplace.

  • Public Relations will explore the intricacies of public relations campaigns, while teaching you best practices in communication for institutions and individuals.

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