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Why Minor in UI Design & Implementation?

User interface (UI) design is an essential element of modern application development.

Mobile apps, web apps, and other forms of electronic media rely upon the skills of UI designers to make human-computer interfaces intuitive and approachable. Our UI Design & Implementation major bridges the gap between design and software development, so you can both create designs and implement them in code.

Students in the UI Design & Implementation minor will take three courses in design and three courses in computer science, so you can feel confident in both skill sets.

Upon completion of this minor, you’ll be able to:

  • understand the principles behind intuitive and ergonomic digital user interfaces.
  • design interfaces for interactive experience across Web and mobile platforms.
  • develop source code to power graphical user interfaces using computer science tools.
  • design and implement a mobile app with a user interface following best practices in both programming and design.

Courses in the UI Design & Implementation Minor

Design Component

Students take three courses across VCD & IXD to complete the 50% of the minor that is focused on design. Students may use either VCD 100, VCD 111, GAA-105, OR GMD-100 to complete the sequence.

Computer Science Component

Students complete 50% of the minor through computer science courses focused on getting them to the point of being able to implement their designs. Student can take either the CSI 140, CSI 240 introductory programming sequence in C++ OR the CSI 160, CSI 260 introductory programming sequence in Python. They then culminate their experience taking either CSI 318 iOS Development OR CSI 319 Android Development OR CSI 400 Human-Computer Interaction, for a total of 3 courses.

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