Harness your passion for visual storytelling, graphic design, and artistic expression. Explore the aesthetic side of UX design.

The Visual Design concentration in Interaction Design at Champlain College is an exciting pathway that explores the creative and aesthetic aspects of user experience.

Throughout the program, you will explore various aspects of visual design, including typography, color theory, layout composition, and visual hierarchy. You will learn to create visually stunning and cohesive user interfaces that engage users and enhance their overall experience. Our expert faculty will guide you in developing a deep understanding of design principles, industry-standard tools, and emerging trends in visual design.

Through hands-on projects, collaboration, and critiques, you will hone your skills and build an impressive portfolio of visually compelling designs. From designing intuitive mobile apps to creating engaging websites, you will have the opportunity to bring your creative ideas to life and make a lasting impact on users.

Courses in the Visual Design Concentration

VCD 200 Design & Communication
VCD 201 Intro to Typography
VCD 270 Intermediate Typography
VCD Graphic Print Production

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