Faculty Member Business Administration 
Division of Communication & Creative Media 
Marketing Communication 
Stiller School of Business 
Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Areas of Expertise
  • Integrated Marketing & Communications
  • Nonprofit/Cause-Related Marketing


Barrie is an innovative, mission-driven marketing and communications professional who is passionate about social justice and social change and has been helping organizations share their stories for more than two decades.

Having spent the majority of her career working in the nonprofit sector (for large organizations like Planned Parenthood of Northern New England and hyperlocal ones like CCTV Center for Media & Democracy) she says she “specializes in performing miracles on shoestring budgets.” She is also a consummate volunteer and has been on the board of Slow Food Vermont since 2015.

A lifelong learner, Barrie likes to collect and archive information, craves to know more, and is energized by other people, new ideas, and, of course, her students.

Curriculum Vitae


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