Academic Excellence

Each Champlain College degree is built on a foundation of uncompromising academic excellence. We're committed to providing effective, engaging education and successful career outcomes for students. This spirit of integrity informs every aspect of our educational experience.

Champlain students in class

Your Classroom Experience

Small class sizes-with an average 15:1 student/teacher ratio-create an intimate learning environment. You'll never join faceless crowds in cavernous lecture halls. Instead, you'll work closely with professors who offer individualized attention and address your personal areas of interest. These relationships often result in exciting internship and employment opportunities that come from your teachers' connections.

Small Class Sizes

Your Career-Focused Major

Our majors are not static programs but living platforms of applied learning. Each program is reviewed annually to ensure that it continually reflects the evolving needs of its field and remains focused on today's issues and tomorrow's challenges. Emerging trends in communication technology and industry best practices are constantly integrated into the architecture of each program to keep the fundamentals similarly aligned.

Our Upside-Down Curriculum presents courses in your major in your first semester so you can devote four full years to developing the skills and instincts an exceptional career demands. You'll couple this experience-based learning with extensive fieldwork that further expands your capabilities and keeps you ahead of the curve. Undergraduate Majors & Minors 

The Core

Every undergraduate participates in Champlain's Core curriculum, a four-year course of interdisciplinary study that is designed to prepare you to be an intellectual leader. To promote your ability to express, defend and expand your ideas, Core classes are discussion-oriented, problem-based and experiential. In each class, the questions asked are much more important than the answers, because in the 21st century, there are few clear-cut "right" answers to the big issues

This inquiry-focused learning examines important questions from multiple perspectives and explores Western traditions and the global experience through history, science, culture and other disciplines. The Core curriculum allows you to be an active participant in your education, something unique compared to traditional general education at most institutions.

You'll develop your integrative and critical thinking and analytical skills, learn how to evaluate diverse perspectives and apply them to a broader understanding of yourself and others, become an effective communicator and lifelong learner. These abilities are key to obtaining a well-rounded general education and also the knowledge, skills, and perspectives that will help you be a more successful professional and citizen. 

Core Collaboration

InSight Program

All undergraduate students at Champlain participate in the InSight program, which works together with your major and our liberal arts Core curriculum as part of your multidimensional career-focused education. InSight is designed to help you articulate your personal value proposition and develop essential skills in personal finance that, together, will equip you to successfully transition straight from college into your future career. You'll even create a student loan repayment plan before you graduate!

And you'll get the opportunity to experience practical, hands-on learning through our career signature events, professional workshops (Career SMARTalks), company visits, employer information sessions, internships, field experiences and much more. It's the equivalent of what other institutions would require for you to obtain a professional certificate-at no additional cost to you.

You'll complete a series of required milestones focused in two key areas we call "tracks": the Career Positioning Track and Personal Finance Track. Through these tracks, you will create personalized action plans to effectively market yourself to prospective employers and learn how to manage your personal finances. Along the way, you'll earn achievements that allow you to measure your success.