Global Vision

One of the most important values we teach at Champlain College is that no matter what place each of us calls home, we are all citizens of the world participating in a global society.

a picture of students in dublin

Champlain takes an active approach to fostering this common humanity and promoting the international perspectives required for shared peace and prosperity.

Foreign study and off-campus travel are built into many curriculums, and more than half of all students take advantage of opportunities like these:

  • Champlain welcomes students from countries across the world to attend classes on our beautiful Burlington, VT campus.
  • International campuses in Montreal, Canada, and Dublin, Ireland, give students the chance to live and learn abroad as part of their Champlain College experience.
  • Study programs in Argentina, China, Italy, Scotland and New Zealand offer guided immersion in another culture while attending a foreign university as a guest of Champlain's Global Partner Program.
  • The Champlain Passport Program awards a free United States passport to all sophomores with a first-year GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • International internships available in cities around the world simultaneously supply invaluable work experiences and global lessons.
  • Exchange programs with partner institutions in other countries bring a diverse global presence to our Burlington campus while allowing our own students to spend an unforgettable semester abroad.
  • Service-in-Action trips give students inspiring opportunities to explore different cultures and perform volunteer work in places where their peers usually vacation.

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