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Applied Mathematics Major

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Math is everywhere—it tells stories, solves problems, powers entertainment platforms, and so much more. But what can you do with a degree in math? Mathematicians are in high demand in every sector of the workforce, so you can take your passion for all things mathematical into almost any field you choose.

Why study applied math at Champlain?

Champlain has always been dedicated to the application of learning: we don’t just want to teach you advanced math, we want to show you how to use it in the future.

Champlain’s Applied Mathematics program is unique in that it allows you to focus on the math you love while learning how to make use of it on the job. In addition to gaining a solid foundation in math theory and concepts, you’ll be able to apply that knowledge in various professional settings. That fusion of math itself with its utilization isn’t something you’ll find in every college curriculum. By the time you graduate from Champlain, you won’t just be solving math problems, you’ll be solving problems with math.

In addition to traditional classroom studies, you’ll get hands-on experience with projects and have plenty of opportunity for life-changing internships. Through your applied electives, you’ll get to explore the many different ways in which math can be used to solve problems and answer questions.


Upside-Down Curriculum and Academic Experience

Champlain’s Upside-Down Curriculum allows you to take the courses you’re most interested in right from the start—there’s no waiting until sophomore or junior year to begin your program studies! You’ll take math courses in your first year and explore the other areas of study that appeal to you.

The Applied Mathematics curriculum includes four main components:

Math Foundation
Our Math Foundation is a sequence of seven courses in Calculus, Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, Probability/Statistics, and Programming. These courses lay a foundation of the requisite theory and skills that you will build upon as your major progresses.

Math Electives
Your math elective credits allow you to focus on particular areas of math that interest and excite you.

Applied Electives
The applied elective coursework will build your understanding of the many ways math can be used to answer questions, build systems, and power all kinds of work. These course options are numerous (over 3 million combinations—of course, we did the math!) and widely varied, allowing you to shape the “applied” portion of your Applied Mathematics degree to your chosen field.

General Electives
The curriculum provides enough general elective credits to allow you to choose any of Champlain’s minors, further customizing your education to your interests and career goals.



The 2021 Fiske Guide to Colleges selected Champlain as one of the "best and most interesting schools" in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain.


Champlain was named a "Most Innovative School" by U.S. News & World Report (for the seventh consecutive year!) in its "America's Best Colleges" 2022 rankings.


Burlington, Vermont, our hometown, is ranked the #1 Best College Town by Travel + Leisure magazine.


Dr. Melanie Brown, Applied Mathematics Program Director, teaches a small class

Many students choose Champlain because of the community and personalized learning environment. Our small class sizes mean you can engage in deeper discussions with your professors and your peers. Share your thoughts and get your questions answered in a conversation, rather than a crowded lecture hall. Your professors will know you and look forward to seeing you in class—your presence and perspective are valued here.

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Employment Opportunities

Champlain education in applied math can prepare you for all kinds of careers—including some that might not even exist yet.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts strong growth in math occupations—stronger, in fact, than the average of all other occupations. The bureau also reports higher-than-average salaries for mathematicians. Adding any of Champlain's minors to your repertoire is a fantastic way to develop your interests and stand out from the crowd. You could hone your focus with Data Science, Accounting, or Game Programming. Round out your education with Social Justice, Community Management, or Law. Whatever your interests, a minor can perfectly position you for a specific career or field of work. 

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Study Abroad

Champlain's Applied Mathematics curriculum is designed to encourage a semester of international study. Our approach allows you to study abroad and still graduate on time.

  • Champlain Abroad is a seamless way to immerse yourself in Dublin, Ireland or Montreal, Canada. You'll take Champlain courses and pay the same tuition you pay for our Burlington campus.
  • Champlain's exchange programs provide more global options in countries like New Zealand or Morocco.
  • You can go just about anywhere else in the world via an approved third-party institution.

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