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Creative Media Major

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Our distinctive Creative Media major allows you to expand your artistic skill set, develop your own ideas about artistic expression, and push creative boundaries in unprecedented ways.

What does it mean to be an artist today? How do artists respond to important issues facing society, and what opportunities are there for community engagement? These questions (and more) will drive your study in this unique major.

In Creative Media, you will gain skills in multiple media forms while tackling big-picture ideas. You'll explore your artistic process by evaluating, deconstructing, and revising your work in innovative production classes and seminars. And you will be supported as you develop your own distinctive voice as a creative artist.

In this program, you will:

  • Gain skills in multiple creative media areas and learn how digital and traditional approaches can be combined.
  • Connect your creative passions to the world at large.
  • Explore the artistic process by evaluating, deconstructing, and revising your work in innovative production classes and seminars.
  • Become familiar with branding, entrepreneurship, and curatorial practices.

You'll graduate with a broad portfolio and a résumé that will help you stand out in this extremely competitive field.

Why Study Creative Media at Champlain?

Taught exclusively by experts who have extensive experience and ongoing affiliations with their respective artistic communities, the Creative Media BFA at Champlain College distinguishes itself from other fine art programs in the country with its cross-disciplinary focus, deliberate emphasis on the business aspect of artistic endeavors, and support of courageous innovation.

Cultural and technological shifts in the marketplace have also created the broadest professional spectrum of opportunities for artists than at any point in history. Now, there's a high premium put on those artists who can truly bring something "new" to the table.

Champlain's Creative Media major fills the need for a program that allows art students to creatively explore emerging media forms at the same time they prepare themselves to viably apply their talents and skills to the marketplace. You'll become proficient in multiple disciplines, giving you the ability to fulfill various roles in the creative media industry.

Academic Experience

Through our Upside-Down Curriculum, you will take courses relevant to your major during your first year at Champlain, which will encourage you to explore your ideas about art and experiment creatively with different forms of media.

Along with Creative Media project-based classes and seminars that all students in the program take, there is space for each student to tailor their education to suit their interests and goals. You'll choose two out of the following six concentrations—one primary focus and one secondary—to create your program of study. 

  • Creative Writing
  • Game Media
  • Interaction Design
  • Moving Image (Film & Video)
  • Sonic Arts
  • Visual Art & Design

By the end of your fourth year, your portfolio will contain works that include performances, public art events, drawings, films, musical compositions, poetry, blogs, sculptures, art installations, and other creative work you want to showcase to employers.

I chose to major in Creative Media because of its flexibility. I knew I would be able to develop my interests in photography, writing, and music separately, as well as bring them together to form unique and interesting creations that would serve my future as an artist personally and professionally.

Lily Tammik '22

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