Focused Areas of Study for Creative Media Majors

The core of your Creative Media curriculum will consist of courses in one primary area of focus and one secondary area. These concentrations reflect creative specializations in which artists can find a professional application for their expressions.

To see how these concentrations match up in the entire four-year curriculum landscape, see the Creative Media major curriculum.

Concentrations In the Creative Media Major

  • The Creative Writing concentration will allow you to develop your unique voice by studying the craft and discipline of writing.
  • The Game Media concentration will allow you to explore the process of creating visual elements and assets for game media.
  • The Interaction Design concentration will introduce you to the sensory side of interfaces—sounds, images, how pages move—with a focus on interactivity as a design element.
  • The Moving Image concentration will allow you to explore the power of the moving image, from narrative storytelling to nonnarrative experimental filmmaking.
  • The Visual Art & Design concentration provides you with the opportunity to push creative boundaries by studying a combination of drawing, print making, photography, and digital art. 
  • The Sonic Arts concentration will introduce you to the world of sound, including recording and music production techniques, such as signal flow, mixing, mastering, compression, and online delivery