Ryan Dunleavy
Affiliated with Division of Communication and Creative Media, Filmmaking
About Ryan Dunleavy

With 14 years of creative agency, commercial, and independent film experience, Ryan Dunleavy knows the production process inside and out. From storyboarding, creative concepting, and design to lighting, visual effects, and directing, he has done the job when it comes to creating high-end videos and animations. 

Dunleavy has a variety of skills that can be applied to all types of projects, including videography, photography, illustration, design, and more. He credits his ability to think fast and work fast with enabling him to thrive in a creative problem solving environment, and he believes that creative problem solving is one of the most important skills today.

Dunleavy volunteers with local film festival VTIFF and plays ice hockey for several teams, including the Champlain Beavers, in the Full Stride league. He has also traveled the world, visiting more than 30 countries over the past decade. The practice of traveling has allowed him to view the world through the eyes of many different cultures and societies, gaining empathy and insight for the many incredible people that live on this planet.

Recent Work

Recently, Dunleavy has worked on the local television and online campaign Kate is Late for Wendell's Furniture, Lenny's Shoe and Apparel, Northern Tire (in New Hampshire), Bokan Ford, Best Tile, Guy's Farm & Yard, Dakin, and more. Other projects include a PAX West trailer for the video game publisher Fellow Traveller and several animations and videos for Microsoft.


Artists rule the world! An artist's ability as a creative problem solver is one of the most crucial roles today. They are involved in all aspects of business and society helping to shape culture and policy alike.