Peter Wehr
Peter Wehr
Affiliated with Division of Communication and Creative Media, Game Design, Game Production Management, Game Programming, Robert P. Stiller School of Business

Peter Wehr has been an adjunct and instructor at Champlain College since 2011, teaching Game History and Game Production. Working mostly with first- and second-year students, Wehr works very closely with student game production teams, teaching them to function effectively to implement their game concepts. 

Wehr has worked in academia and the entertainment industry for over four decades, specializing in project management and developing infrastructure for new technologies for museums, games, film, television, CR-ROM, DVD, kiosks, and the web. Wehr has been fortunate to work with a variety of industry leaders such as the Smithsonian, HBO, PBS, the Rolling Stones, Sony, CBS, Pepsi, and Dilbert. While working in New York City in the independent television and film postproduction industry, Wehr created a reputation for taking on untraditional and unusual media projects. As one coworker pointed out to him, "whenever you are in a launch meeting, I know it is going to be an interesting ride." 

In his spare time, Wehr plays and coaches soccer, hikes, kayaks, nordic skis, snowboards, dabbles with Arduino and Raspberry Pi, reads history, and listens to a wide variety of music.