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What's happening beneath the screen of your mobile device? Who develops these innovative ideas and makes them happen so effortlessly for the user? Our Computer Science & Innovation major is the perfect head start if you're excited about coming up with new concepts and harnessing the complex technology to make them work.

In addition to providing a solid grounding in the most significant areas of computer science, Champlain's Computer Science & Innovation major gives you practice manipulating the latest technologies. If you can imagine a digital outcome, this major will give you the tools to create it.

The innovation in our Computer Science & Innovation major is a critical aspect of the program that you're unlikely to find in any other computer science program in the country today.

Why Study Computer Science & Innovation at Champlain? 

Beyond core computer science courses, this major covers the latest technological developments. We categorize those cutting-edge classes as the "Innovation" sequence of courses—an advanced feature of the program that keeps you on top of current trends and teaches adaptability in the face of ever-changing languages and technologies.

With Champlain's unique practice-based approach to learning, your professors balance technical theory and classroom studies—encompassing everything from complex software systems to light wireless applications—with an abundance of experiential work.

Academic Experience

In the Computer Science & Innovation program, you'll learn to develop mobile applications for Android and Apple devices. You'll examine the role of open-source development and contribute to open-source projects. You will also study the importance of software testing, and learn about the software engineering process and methodologies.

You will learn by doing as you:

  • create standalone and connected applications;

  • explore emerging technologies and open-source development;

  • experiment with the untapped potential of the latest technological advances;

  • work with a variety of development tools in different operating system environments (e.g. Windows, Mac, Linux); and

  • dive into advanced topics such as emerging languages and artificial intelligence (AI).

Additionally, you will apply computing theory and programming principles to practical software design and development. Your academic experience will culminate with a capstone project that showcases the skills you've gained throughout the program. Recent projects have included applications of machine learning and AI to address everyday problems.

As a Computer Science & Innovation student, a particular focus of study is a required part of your curriculum. You can choose to specialize in either Mobile Application Development or Software Engineering, or you may elect a minor tailored to your interests and priorities. Your faculty advisor will help you map out the best academic path to reach your desired career and/or graduate studies goals.