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Business as usual doesn't change the world. People do. Discover your impact at the Stiller School of Business.

Have you ever had a great business idea but nowhere to go with it? Are you conscious of where your purchases come from and how it impacts those who make them? Have you ever wondered how a different tax system might change society?  These are the kinds of challenges you will tackle at the Stiller School of Business, and you'll explore their complexities by experiencing them firsthand. That's Business Done Better.

From preparing and filing taxes for Burlington's underserved communities to investing and managing a portion of our very own endowment at Champlain College, Stiller students graduate ready to hit the ground running and take on the responsibility of success. As an accredited ACBSP business school, a Stiller degree is a seamless combination of exceptional education and experience.

And just like the real world, you won't do it alone. Your faculty will know your name, your strengths, your interests, and your areas for improvement. They'll build your communication and collaboration skills through classes that incorporate real client-based work. As you learn by doing, you'll learn to think globally and freely, with confident curiosity.




Of 2021 graduates from the Robert P. Stiller School of Business are either employed or continuing their education within six months after graduating.


Of employed graduates are in positions related to their career goals.


Of classes in the Stiller School of Business are taught by faculty, not graduate assistants.

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Suppose you want to commercialize electric aircrafts that offset trade's carbon footprint. Or maybe find the perfect fit to help teams reach their full potential. In either case, a meaningful career starts with action.

At Stiller, you'll build your expertise, portfolio, and professional network by doing-starting on day one. Alongside the Upside-Down Curriculum, our business degree programs are designed to get our students doing real-world experiences earlier and often, with room to study (or even intern) abroad.

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International is intentional here, giving you easy access to two international Champlain College campuses in Dublin and Montreal. Just like our namesake Robert P. Stiller, our students learn to bridge the gap between the insurmountable and the ordinary through global perspectives and innovative business practices.

Plus, each year we make it possible for dozens of students to find their place in the world through financial and academic support including our Freeman Foundation Grant, which alone sends nearly 25 students on internships throughout Asia each summer.

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You are multidimensional, and so is the Stiller student experience. Here, your strengths will become your professional differentiators, and your progressive marks of success will become accomplished qualifications.

Choose from a powerful combination of career-focused programs and pave a path that is uniquely yours. No two Stiller paths are ever the same with the personalized support from faculty and thoughtful guidance of career advisors.

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Stiller School of Business Undergraduate Majors

  BS in Accounting

Accountants are needed in every industry; this robust major specifically positions you for versatility and growth throughout your career. You will learn the skills necessary to work as an accountant, as well as the communication and critical thinking skills needed to advance in the field. Accounting is also available as a three-year degree, and we offer a double major in Accounting and Finance.

   BS in Business Administration

Choose a concentration to hone your experience within the alumni- and employer-informed curriculum of this versatile major. With a solid foundation in business plus a focus of your choice, this program will prepare you for more opportunities in an ever-changing economy and business landscape. Concentrations include:

  • Computer Science
  • Cybersecurity
  • Information Systems & Technology
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Sustainable Business

  BS in Finance

Our Finance major is recognized as a Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) University Affiliated program, which is one of the most respected and recognized investment credentials in the world. Taught by professors who have worked on Wall Street as investment bankers, research analysts, and portfolio managers, this ambitious major offers a hands-on approach in which you'll use the same tools used by professionals.

  BS in Game Business & Publishing

Learn the ins and outs of the support side of the game industry: from community management to marketing, analytics to esports, and more! Collaborate with interdisciplinary majors in our Game Studio, while developing all the skills you need in strategy, research, and leadership. You'll learn all the foundations of great business practices with a focus on the specific opportunities, markets, and challenges of the game industry. By graduation, you'll be ready to bring any game, feature, or strategy to market.

  BS in Game Production Management

One of the few degrees of its kind in the country, this major will teach you how to organize, motivate, and oversee interdisciplinary game development teams of game artists, designers, programmers, and more. Within our top of the line Game Studio program, you'll learn the ins and outs of the full game creation process and how to effectively collaborate to bring game concepts to life. You'll graduate with the experience, agile project management skills, and leadership qualities that will make you a top candidate for a career in the games industry as a producer, project manager, product manager, or development manager - whether you want to go indie or work for one of many AAA organizations in the field.

  BS in Marketing

Learn how to reach consumers and motivate them to act. You'll gain hands-on experience in marketing campaigns, analytics, and staying on top of an ever-changing media landscape. Taught by marketing leaders and built on a solid foundation of marketing principles and consumer behavior, this fluid program offers up-to-date best practices in the latest communication platforms.

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Apply the skills and insights you gain from your Stiller School of Business coursework to pursue an advanced degree through Champlain College Online.

With competitive tuition at $595/credit and 100% online courses, Champlain College's MBA is flexible and affordable for students looking to pursue an advanced business degree that can be completed in as few as 18 months.

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Bob Stiller with children in cofee bean field

Who is Robert P. Stiller? A pioneer of new business principles.

The namesake of our school, Robert P. Stiller is the founder and former CEO of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. He recognized early on that business could do more than make profits—they could make lasting, positive impacts around the world. The key? Building and supporting the strengths of employees and companies’ reach. These principles underscore our “business done better” approach to business education

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