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Business is a global touchpoint—and that's a universal truth across every Stiller program, no matter your area of study. Our school's namesake, Robert P. Stiller, knew that well when he founded Green Mountain Coffee Roasters with the coffee industry's international reach and fair trade in mind.

From Waterbury, VT, to Sumatra, Indonesia, his business model was guided by principles that considered not just quality and profitability, but also coffee farmers' livelihoods, international conflict, and the impact of financial stability, as well. This is the way we teach students at the Stiller School of Business.

Become a Global Citizen. Champlain College makes it easy.

What business is not impacted by globalization? And doing business in a global economy requires more than traveling around the globe. Today, it means learning cultural literacy and international affairs, staying on top of technological forces that shape the business world.

1 College, 3 Campuses

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Dublin, Ireland

Study in one of the most robust business capitals in Europe with the support, people, and tuition of Champlain’s main campus.

Many students not only study abroad in Dublin, they intern as well. Major companies including the Big Four accounting firms and tech giants like Google have offices in Dublin. From here, you can connect easily to other European countries and broaden your perspective further.


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Montreal, Canada

Be a world away, without being too far away. Canada is the largest trading partner to the U.S., and Montreal is one of the world's leading multimedia, business, and design cities.

With a cadre of faculty professionally active in their field, your opportunities to network are abundant. And you can do it with the same support, people, and tuition you would on Champlain's main campus.


Coffee could really provide stability in the world if these people can have the economic substance to live. It changes the globe...Because it is a product that reaches so many people in so many lands.

Robert P. Stiller, Founder & Former CEO, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
students walk through downtown Montreal

Study Abroad

Broaden your perspective.

An appreciation for worldview increasingly is becoming an essential competency employers seek in their job candidates. At Champlain, we make sure that our curriculum has room for you to live, study, and even work in another country. These experiences will develop your understanding of yourself, your career, and your idea in relation to the world. 

Check out all the ways you can study abroad below.


Champlain Abroad

In addition to our homebase in Burlington, Champlain College has international campuses in Dublin and Montreal. As hubs for international business, Stiller students have an opportunity to see global exchange at work. The best part? It costs the same as studying at home. In fact, the Champlain campuses encompass Champlain faculty and the same support, people, and tuition as the main campus.

Faculty-Led Courses

Champlain also offers faculty-led courses that often entail a semester-long course condensed into a break or a couple weeks in the summer. These courses change year to year, and faculty members will promote these particular offerings on campus. For more information, contact the Office of International Education.

Exchange Program

Champlain has a partnership with five international schools. While our Burlington students immerse themselves in either New Zealand, Scotland, France, or the Netherlands, Burlington's main campus welcomes students from our exchange partners for a semester or full academic year.  

International Internships

Some of the approved study-abroad programs offer internship opportunities. If you wish to arrange a stand-alone international internship (without taking courses at that institution), please contact your Dean about this process.

Third-Party Study Abroad

Champlain's Office of International Education will help you through the steps to study in the location you want.

city sidewalks in china

Intern Abroad

Explore the Global Marketplace

All business is global; make it an intentional part of your experience through a study abroad or international internship. Your global experiences will not only broaden your worldview, but make you stand out to future employers.

Each year since 2013, Robert P. Stiller School of Business students have traveled to various countries in Asia for life-changing internships, courtesy of a prestigious grant from the Freeman Foundation Grant.

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