Vision, Mission and Values


The Division of Communication and Creative Media (CCM) will guide and support students in finding their voice and developing their vision so they may thrive as creators, communicators and innovators. Our students, faculty and staff will be emboldened to generate novel ideas and engage in creative risk-taking. We will anticipate future trends and lead the way through a dynamic technological and professional landscape. We will draw inspiration from Champlain's entrepreneurial spirit to help students think and act as empowered citizens of this media-engaged and interconnected world.


The CCM Division unites a community of students, faculty, staff, and external partners in the study and practice of communication, creative media and emergent media fields. We are increasingly selective and competitive through our program offerings and our internship opportunities, supported by a strong network of alumni and industry partners. The Division's integration of academic and professional skills emphasizes innovation, creativity, craftsmanship, technological expertise, critical reflection, professionalism, global engagement and social responsibility.


  • Foster creativity, imagination, and critical reflection

  • Encourage artistic exploration and expression
  • Nurture rich cultural and intellectual diversity
  • Promote professional skills and craft for career readiness
  • Further professional development

  •  Integrate tradition and innovation
  • Uphold integrity and ethical practices

  • Work collaboratively
  • Respect and challenge each other