Vision, Mission, and Values


The Division of Communication & Creative Media (CCM) guides aspiring communication and creative media professionals in developing academic and professional proficiency, and helps foster a life-long practice of innovation, creativity, craftsmanship, technological expertise, critical reflection, global engagement, and social responsibility.


To unite a community of students, faculty, staff, and industry partners in the study and practice of communication, creative media, arts, and emerging media fields. To mentor and support students to find their voice as practitioners, develop their vision, and thrive as communicators, creators, innovators, and empowered citizens in a media-engaged and interconnected world. Building on Champlain's entrepreneurial spirit and tradition, we will anticipate and respond to developments in today's dynamic technological and professional landscape.  


  • Foster creativity, imagination, and critical reflection
  • Encourage artistic exploration and self-expression
  • Promote professional skills for career readiness and life-long learning
  • Support professional development
  • Nurture cultural and intellectual diversity
  • Uphold integrity and ethical practices
  • Promote collaboration and mutual respect